6 Very Basic Online Survival Tips for Ecommerce Businesses!

You’ve now stopped setting yourself targets because you haven’t hit any of them for a while… What to do? Don’t fret! in today’s post we’re sharing with you 6 effective survival tips to help you keep your business head above water during hard times.

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As a Digital Marketer for nearly 8 years, I know how hard it can be to promote more sales, so please read these tips carefully.

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1. Promotions

Do as many online promotions as you can, it’s as simple as that. Of course don’t do them all at once, but stagger them one after another and ensure that each of your promotions don’t last for no longer than a few days. Ideally weekends are the best times for online launching promotions as internet traffic are generally higher for online shoppers.

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2. Free Delivery

If you’ve always been tight with charging shipping and handling on top of your sales then consider implementing a free shipping service. This can entice your customers to make that all important purchase they’ve always wanted, you’d be surprised how much a little goes a long way.

3. Email

Build yourself a list of email contacts by adding an opt-in form in your website’s homepage as well as an opt-in button in the checkout area. If you already have an emailing list, then check out post on email marketing for tips on how to effectively get the most out of your email marketing.

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4. Reward

This is a massive opportunity for you to boost sales and have worked for me on numerous occasions simply by rewarding your customers with exclusive special offers and discounts. Take a look at your recent sales history and make a list of all the clients you think you’d like to reward. A great incentive to promote further sales is by issuing gift vouchers. Ensure to place an expiry date on them so to entice them to make a use their vouchers as soon as possible.

5. Customer Service

Offer a customer service that is second to none and ensure that you meet the every need of your customers. Dispatch items quick and efficiently and deal with any discrepancies in a friendly professional manner. One of the most important pieces of advice that I can issue you is to maintain good contact or communication with your clients. Their positive feedback is priceless to your online business.

6. Competitions

Finally everyone loves competitions and this is a great marketing method that can attract plenty of attention to your business if marketed correctly. All you have to do is select a product or a few products and promote them through an online competition. Promote your competition using email, social media and advertisements to generate as much public interest as possible. One of the best ways to organize a competition online is through your business blog if you have one. This post will be great for you explaining the importance of Social media buttons in your website.

Well this should certainly be enough to motivate you to take action and start promoting more sales to your business today, so I wish you the best of luck.

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