Current Digital Trends & The Ecommerce Boom

What do the statistics say?

The e-commerce medium has accounted for 8.6% of total retail sales during 2011, up from 7.6% in 2010 (Source: Internet Retailer). This figure will even go up 3 to 4 times the old in the coming year. In any survey 6 out of 10 people say they have made a purchase through their Mobile. Not just the regular age groups with whom the medium is famous, but also the 55+ also have started to respond well to the trend and there has been a significant increase in purchase rate and not just visiting apps.


Demand for good app developers

The real challenge for any eCommerce business owner comes when he tries to find the best eCommerce web developer or the Mobile eCommerce App developer who could satisfy him with all that he want for a reasonable price. I read about an ideal example Mobile Commerce Application developer recently: MobeCommerce. And there are a dozen more I can actually list as ‘good’.

A perfect Mobile Commerce Application is the one that reaches all the expectations of the customer from the user interface and tries in all ways helps the client to improve the quality of the app by adding new features.

Suitable for any business

Many of the senior players in the medium sized business in the market are still in the myth that Mobile eCommerce App isn’t really necessity to them and that they can do without it. I am telling you, I have been watching this arena for a long time and I have heard and read more than a 100 success stories who reinvented their poorly performing brand with the help of a Mobile eCommerce App. The mobile device is more a personal gadget to the consumer than a computer. The typical online user has started to trust that he can boldly make any purchase through a click in his mobile device without worrying.

Sustaining Website Activity

The thriving through Mobile eCommerce App doesn’t mean that you have to take your regular website for granted. Create a new plan in which your website could still retain a a certain figure of sales through itself and methods in which it would bring your customers to your Mobile Commerce Application and the vice-versa thing. Same as you plan with ideas to keep your Mobile eCommerce App engaging and busy, work out such ideas for your website as well. See in what ways your Mobile Commerce Application could better the visits rate for your site. Do not forget, eCommerce is also significantly relied upon the conventional eCommerce website platform.

The future of eCommerce

Because of the glamor and easiness that it withholds there will more new players coming in and your competition gets thickened up. However much you invest on your technical structure to better the experience, a midget guy will overtake with his ‘idea’ alone. So train your mind to think totally out of the box and create foresightful strategies to keep yourself ahead of others always.


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