10 Effective Ecommerce Traffic Building Tips You Need To Know!

Ecommerce traffic building is a lot more challenging than building traffic to any other type of website or blog even.

With a website or blog your aim is to build traffic and attract users to encourage them to engage and interact on your site, whilst with an ecommerce website you’re looking to attract traffic that will both engage and convert into paying customers.

So how do you effectively implement ecommerce traffic building methods that will convert? Let’s take a look at 10 effective ways.


Good Website Design

The design of your ecommerce website needs to be of top quality. This means creating an eye catching homepage displaying your products and promotions whilst boasting and implementing easy and accessible navigation for your visitors.


Search engine optimization is essential for your site to rank well in the search engines, as this will eventually provide the bulk of the traffic to your site. If your ecommerce site contains a lot of product pages with descriptions, then SEO can be applied to these pages so that they too can rank well in the search engines.

Submit To Online Directories

Submit your ecommerce website to online business and shopping directories, very useful.

Build SEO Quality Backlinks with Content Related Websites

Participate in a reputable link exchange programme or build backlinks with content related websites and blogs.

Add A Blog

Adding a blog to your eCommerce website is beneficial for several reasons; the main reason is that it encourages your visitors to engage on your site.

A blog added to your ecommerce website can be used to break news, carryout product and service reviews, hold monthly competitions, publish testimonials, perform case studies and publish product tutorials and much more. As well as this it can add great SEO values to your ecommerce site.

Add Social Bookmarking Tools To Your Product Pages

Use social bookmarking tools such as the Facebook Share or Like button, Tweet and ReTweet buttons, StumbleUpon and Digg buttons to your product pages.

This is very effective and can encourage your visitors to share products and services on your site with their friends on social networking sites.

Use Social Media

Create a Facebook business page or fan page and a Twitter profile for your ecommerce site, build lots of targeted followers and fans.

Like a blog, you can interact and engage with your followers and post links to articles and products from your ecommerce site onto your social network profiles.

Participate In Good Ecommerce Practices

Get your ecommerce site listed in sites such as The Good Shop Guide, The Good Net Guide and ValidSafe.

Build An Email List

Join an email marketing service provider and place an opt-in form on your ecommerce website’s homepage. Building a list is a great way to take your products directly to your customers and promoting online sales.


Finally use social media, search engine and press release advertising opportunities to give your ecommerce site some extra exposure.

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4 thoughts on “10 Effective Ecommerce Traffic Building Tips You Need To Know!

  1. Hey Delhi Courses Admin, I agree with you. Build quality content and also contextual backlink will make the traffic really come. but for submit to online directories, I wont do it, if I think submit website to not important directories will wasting time because they also will ask for reciprocal link and it’s not good for our website. I will choose high quality directory link Yahoo directoriy or DMOZ to submit my website. but thanks for sharing. Regards

  2. This is a pretty jam-packed list, and definitely one to take notes on. =) Not only are there tons of articles out there on each one of the items on this list to learn exactly how to implement them, but each one is a pretty heavy-hitter in and of itself. Pulling them all together would be pretty amazing, I think.

  3. Firstly,I am fully agree with you as there is a huge difference between SEO of a static website and e commerce website.Many people do lot of search to find this kind of tips for e commerce website.To add static pages and to optimize products pages are some essential way to do SEO for e commerce websites.
    Anyways,I am thankful to you to share a very helpful as well as interesting article with us.

  4. That sounds great about your post.The strategies you specified are an effective way to establish online reputation of the business ,yielding high sales leads.Thanks for letting me in knowing more that added to my knowledge.

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