Why Should You Have A Website & 2 Secrets Building An Insanely Popular Website/ Blog.

Technology has its effect in everyday activity in our life. In this Technology driven world it is needless to say every one of us should be up dated with the latest technological applications. Now, the usage of internet has increased at an aggressive rate, in almost all parts of the world. People find Internet more productive, and when it comes to know the information there is a strong need to create a website for the businesses as every business is trying to have a web presence. So there is a greater competition and also greater need to own a website.


Needless to say about the importance of internet and how it transformed the entire world in a single mouse click. If a customer needs any information related to any product or service, there is a lot of tendency among the customers to search in search engines to find out information. This really helps to save their time and also to get the best one and also to make their best choice in choosing the best product.

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Well let’s discuss the advantages of having your own website for your business.

  • Reflects your business in a more presentation manner and in range of styles.
  • You can present your business in a more artistic style or in your own style so that you can choose the best way based on your own thoughts which will help you to get more business.
  • Saves your customers time, as you can communicate your entire business products and services in a website form of four to five pages.
  • If you have a website your business runs through 24/7 environment and 365 days in a year.
  • If you have a website no need to set up huge expenses to set up a physical existence for communication.
  • You can present your innovative ideas in your website, where there is a huge opportunity to convert visitor into a customer through your words.
  • Your website is not confined only to particular geographical area of location, as your website is visited by all over the world. More chances of gaining customers world wide.
  • Website promotes interactivity with your customers as most of the customers are online in present scenario of technology.
  • You can market your business more effectively in very less time by using latest applications which will enable your business to become powerful.
  • Website helps your business to be competitive as more and more businesses are having a website, not having a website will lead you stay back in competition. If you have a website it helps you stay competitive with the rest of the businesses.

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2 Secrets To Building An Insanely Popular Website /Blog

I never listen to the “big” bloggers. All they do is stomp on us and mock us by giving us false traffic generating techniques, and other strategies that may have worked when they first started out, but now it’s completely useless!

Blog-Popularity Blogging in 2017 was a breeze. Set up any type of blog in any niche, and watch it grow up overnight. Back then all you needed to do was write halfway decent content, publish it, and share it with some friends. It was too insanely easy! There was no competition, and no chance a new blog would go completely unnoticed. Everyone was given a chance to become successful.

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The internet marketing niche, along with a few other popular topics on the internet are exploding. There are thousands (possibly) millions of internet marketing blogs!

Competition has gone through the roof! New bloggers no longer can share their blog with a few friends and have it go viral.

Now, the days of sharing your blog with 10 friends might not even give you 10 visits!

In order to market as if you are marketing in 2018, you need to follow two simple strategies.

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Your blog was just hit by a roaring 1 million visitors from all of the social bookmarking sites (Stumble Upon, Digg, Reddit, etc.). Each visitor stays an average of half a second. (Horrible traffic)

Your server ends up crashing and you check to see how much money you made from Clickbank and AdSense. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

But, one visitor, one visitor, one visitor is all it takes to sell one product. One highly targeted visitor, only one highly targeted visitor!

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Writing is one of the two secrets to creating an insanely popular blog. I’ve learned that the longer I spend writing my posts, the more effective they become.

Makes sense right? A highly targeted post is better than one million terrible posts. Sound familiar?

One highly targeted post, only one highly targeted post!

I’ve spent days, literally writing one article. After all of the hard work, it finally pays off. You will realize how much work you put in compared to the result was nothing, as soon as you start writing amazing content!

How will writing super amazing content work? Look at the biggest blogs in the world. The content they produce is the best in the world (That’s why they are the most popular in the world).

If one of the biggest blogs in the world wrote an article in 30 minutes like you do, then yes they would lose readers because readers want good content, not bad content that was slapped together last night at 1 am.

Slow down! You don’t need to post every day. There are many popular blogs that don’t post an article every day. If you can’t write for at least two hours a day, then don’t!

Use your own voice. Don’t try to copy someone else. You have to be unique in order to succeed.

Hiring a writer is fine, but all of us can’t do this… yet. It would be awesome to hire someone (a professional) to do the writing for you too!

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Guest blogging has been around since 2008, but most marketers are just too lazy to do it.

When you start to guest post, you need to stick with the “write like never before” tactic.

Why should you still spend a lot of time writing articles for other blogs?

Some blogs may not even accept your guest post if it is not good, and the blog that does accept your horrible guest post will give yourself a bad impression to all of your very first readers.

There are many different ways to guest post. First (my favorite is using a guest post exchanging site like Who’s Your Blogger?) Second you can contact the blog owner by his email or contact page.

Who’s holding you back? Stop reading and start guest posting! It’s for your own good.

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Hope the above tips will helpyou getting your way & you can also join our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi for more.

What do you think? How do you guest post? Do you contact the blogger directly, or using some different technique. please share with us below.

17 thoughts on “Why Should You Have A Website & 2 Secrets Building An Insanely Popular Website/ Blog.

  1. These 2 secrets are so true! Every successful blog needs unique and top quality content, and the only way to do that is to write like never before. Guest blogging is very important to bring in more traffic.

  2. These are great secrets you have shared here. To build an awesome blog you have to satisfy your readers and this is giving them what they want. By doing this you may not be the best out of a million bloggers but hopefully you will be among the best.

  3. Guest Blogging is immensely important today.It helps yourself get familiar with other Blogger and thus creating a network for you which will help you in the long run

  4. Targeting your market is becoming more important than before. I like to go to blogs that write on the same subject and study the folks that visit them to see what type of people are reading the content. This gives me a better idea of my targeted market.
    As for guest blogging, I love to do it—but I find it hard to write for other blogs while still keeping the quality content of my blog intact.

  5. I totally agree that writing is key. Without written content what would your visitors want from your blog anyway? Also make sure the written content on the blogs are definitely quantity! Then you should start having a following for sure.

  6. Sorry, Writing quality instead of quantities is no secret, it is one of the basic rules to keep readers.
    Guest blogging is nothing new either. There are lots of people does it every day to draw traffic to their blogs.

  7. I never listen to the “big” bloggers. All they do is stomp on us and mock us by giving us false traffic generating techniques, and other strategies that may have worked when they first started out, but now it’s completely useless!

  8. That would be cool to have an insanely popular blog, but as you said, targeted traffic driven to quality content is what converts the best – when speaking about affiliate sale, pay-per-click advert revenue, and so on.

    I must say, I’m yet to give that guest blogging a try. I know it is one of the best ways to gain links back to your website, but I like keeping my content under my domains so I will always have full control of it.
    You made a good point about writing better content. There are still many of those folks who slap together loads of quick, senseless blog posts and expect to become popular overnight.

    Good luck with the online revenue, fellow bloggers. Cyber-space is very competitive nowadays…

  9. I’m not agree with your conclusion …….New bloggers no longer can share their blog with a few friends and have it go viral….. as all the wise bloggers mix up and share their vast experience with each other.

  10. Agreed!! Marketing techniques totally changes from 2003. There is huge competition now in every niche and you have to provide something unique every time to stay in the market.

  11. This is not a secret from now on because its already revealed and will being discuss later. This is very informative one and sharing this is a great part of yours. Know we know the secrets. I’m looking forward to it.

  12. I built a simple website for a friend who runs a car dealership in a small rural town. The site gets a couple of hundred people a day visiting (think that’s what my friend says) and obviously you will get a few sales leads from those visitors. It appears to have become a near essential part of the business, with site url provided on all business cards and sales leaflets and ads. However, I think a car dealership lends itself ideally to a website, as people like to browse the stocklist without the pressure of haggling with a salesman.

  13. I find this “your business runs through 24/7 environment and 365 days in a year.” the most important. A physical business can only imagine doing so all by themselves. It’s like when you are fast asleep, your online business is making dollars !!!

  14. I can’t even imagine a modern business without a site on the Internet. As soon as you set up a company you need to think about the site which is the way to promote a site on the Internet and thus to earn money.

  15. I think having a website could provide more exposure to a business whether it is online or not. I agree that the website could be able to reflect business in a presentable manner and artistically sense of styling. It will be advantageous if the website could help customers in saving their time . It is because they could be able to access the information they want without leaving their homes. Thanks for sharing your insights of having a website.

  16. Depends on what you actually want to do. Having a website… it can be as a e-commerce site, a corporate website, or as a blog. There are just so many reasons why someone wants to have a website.

  17. I think at this point if someone needs to be convinced of the benefits of having a website for their business, in 2011, then this person must be so stubborn or out-of-touch that they’re not likely to be the same type of person who succeeds and can adapt to new situations.

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