5 Useful Tips for New Bloggers in 2018 for Maximum Exposure

It can be quite daunting and challenging for the first time bloggers to embark on a new journey to the world of blogging. Fret not as there are a lot of useful tips for new bloggers. Due to the fact that most blogs tend to be highly interactive in nature, and not to mention cost-efficient as a tool of communicating with fellow bloggers and readers globally, blogs have become vastly well-known and popular among all people from all walks of life.

Blogging is definitely not easy, especially if you’re the type who is too lazy to make the effort of updating your blog, designing the layout in an exciting way, keeping up with the latest news and trends or just do not have any creativity or writing skills. As a blogger, you have to be inspired on a regular basis; otherwise you wouldn’t be able to come up with new content. If you’re looking for blogging tip and especially if you are a new blogger, follow these simple and useful tips:

1. Pick up a niche and stay focused on it

Before you even start to blog, give a thought on what your own niche is going to be. There are so many fields that you can choose, e.g. IT, fashion, automotive, food, travel or just anything at all. Each of these niches has its very own fan base and loyal readers. Your blog contents should always have a focus and feature topics to talk and discuss about. You’re more likely to lose your readers and potential blog subscribers if you keep on changing your niche or write about topics that are vastly diverse. Readers will soon get confused, start to wonder what your forte is and lose interest and confidence especially if your blog is trying to promote a product or service. In return, you won’t be able to build your own community.

To decide on a niche, sit down and give thought to what you would like to blog on. You can choose several topics but they must be of most interest to you. That way, you will be able to write passionately and fluently.

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2. Equip yourself with IT knowledge

If you don’t know what things like AdSense or SEO are for, or worse, have never even heard of them, then you’re not on your way to becoming a good blogger yet. AdSense is an extremely crucial tool in which you can take advantage of when it comes to generating your own income. With a powerful ad network like AdSense, you’ll be able to earn revenue from your blogs. Link Ads and Direct Ads are also good starts. On the other hand, SEO is one of the most important elements that are needed to generate traffic from search engines to your blog. Read up more on these basics of blogging and you’ll go far.

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3. Spice up your blog with a celebrity!

To avoid your blog from being too bland, you may want to include some sure-fire attractions such as authors or celebrities with solid fan base. You could quote the authors or celebrities in your blog posts or you could even interview them. This will make your blog more interesting and build up the confidence of your readers and they will get more excited and interested with what your blog has got to offer.

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4. Content = heart of the blog

Once you have selected a niche, the next thing to do is to devote time and effort to creating good contents. Make sure that your blog is informative, unique, interactive and useful. Meanwhile, while you’re writing your blog posts, see to it that you format your posts accordingly. Don’t include files that are too large in size, multiple page stories that could get the readers confused and never conceal the main link under poorly built links or the unimportant ones.

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5. Include inspiring links

Although self-written posts will always rank better in originality and authenticity, it is also acceptable to include links to thoughts that you’ve seen on other site, provided that you’re not stealing anything that has been copyrighted. Include useful and inspiring links from time to time.

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Anyone can blog but not all can be a good blogger with the ability to keep the readers’ interests and to garner a following. It is easy to give up even before achieving success but new bloggers need to know that with the hints and pointers above, successful blogging isn’t that difficult after all.

Hope these tips will help you getting your way of blogging and you can also join our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi for more.

10 thoughts on “5 Useful Tips for New Bloggers in 2018 for Maximum Exposure

  1. Creating the attraction of familiar author face which is related to your niche is more better than some other celebrities which is not related to your niche.

  2. Every new blogger makes this mistake: he takes on too much and in the end crumbles under the weight. Sticking to a niche is the best advice, but as we all know: it’s easier said than done.

  3. Niche choice had to be related to something that you like and understand. May be this is the most important step for successful blogging. Follow your plan strictly.

  4. Interesting when I’m reading your blog because i was starting to be a blogger to thanks for posting now i had a new whole idea about blogging.

  5. This is good newbie guide, excepts point 3, I can recall that I’ve used all the rest with a bit of twist. Generally blogging is trivial, but the first step of choosing niche and competitor research are critical for success.

  6. Thanks for sharing these tips for newbie bloggers selecting the Niche and just focusing on that is very important.

  7. I more point….. try to use simple language so that all your readers can understand your post, no matter if someone is newbie or experienced.

  8. All point are perfect to become good blogger.

    From my point of view a newbie blogger should not think to become a successful blogger in a night for this he/she need to go ahead step by step which all are mentioned in this post nicely

  9. Love your readers you have. Plenty of bloggers get quite enthusiastic about finding new readers – to the stage which they overlook the ones they currently have. Yes – do try to look for new readers but spend some time every day showing your present readers which you value them too and you’ll find that they’ll assist you to increase your blog.

  10. Begin to build your email list from day one. Even although you don’t intend on selling anything, having a contact list lets you promote your brand-new content to your audience directly without fretting about search engine rankings, Facebook EdgeRank, or any other online roadblocks in communications.

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