How to Make Your Website 10 Times Better

If I told you that you could improve your website immensely just by changing how things work? It’d be really nice to make-your-website-betterbe able to improve your website easily.

If you look at things from the user’s perspective, it becomes quite clear how you can improve things. Just think about what really bugs you when you visit websites, and make sure your website isn’t doing that.

Among the things that bug me and many other internet users is that there is a lack of simplicity amongst websites. Is your website simple? If not, you’re ruining everything.

Make Your Website Better with Simplicity

First and foremost, you have to start looking at things through the eyes of the reader. They don’t see things how you do. They don’t think like you do. You have to get on their level.

Ultimately, you are are trying to go for one thing and one thing only – simplicity. Simplicity will enhance your website in ways that you wouldn’t believe.

A Simple Design

All too often, a website’s design seems to bury the helpful stuff that the reader wants.

Imagine going to your favorite website. All of the stuff you want to find is easy to locate, right? You don’t have to go digging into everything to find what you want, right?

Is there little content and all design? I’d rather have a website that’s ugly but has a ton of content. Seriously. That’s how it should be.

Keep the design simple. If you can make it look good and function, then do it – but don’t force it.

Is your website following that principle? Is your website embracing bulky chunks of nothingness that doesn’t help your reader? Are you giving them exactly what they want? If not, you’re killing your website. It’s time to change.

Put Things in Front of the User

I’m talking about a completely new way of tackling your website. I think I can speak for the majority of internet users when I say that I’m tired of looking through five or six pages just to do the one thing I want to do.

If you are offering a service, put the “Sign Up” button right in front of the reader’s face. Don’t make the user jump through hoops just to get from point A to point B.

You’ve probably tried to register for a service, but were lost when it came to actually trying to do so. This is frustrating for everyone – you aren’t alone.

If you offer a newsletter, put a signup form where they can see it. The goal is to keep the reader from having to search. The user should not have to go from Homepage -> Newsletter page -> Newsletter form. It should be Homepage -> Signup form.

A New Mindset

This is what you have to keep in mind – just keep it simple. Whether you are coding, designing, or writing, keep things simple. Your website will improve immensely.

Remember that your function on your website is likely to help your readers. Don’t stray from that – make things as simple as they could possibly be, so that your users have to do as little as possible.

Let this be your new mindset. Love it. Embrace it. Learn from it. Use it.

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