MOZ vs. SEMrush : Best Declared Tools of SEO

SEO has completely changed the way it was before. If you are new in this field then this article will help you knowing new things. Being a topper in SEO, you should be aware regarding the current tactics. Because the tactics that worked well 2 years ago won’t work now.

There are a number of tools for SEO. But the best-known tool is the one that is analyzed by most of the professionals. According to our experience, the best tools for SEO are MOZ & SEMrush. With the changing Google algorithms, there are slight changes and new features introduced by both these tools.

So we thought to update you regarding these 2019’s best SEO tools; through comparison. It will become easy for you to use the BEST SEO tool among them in 2019.

Mostly we get confuse with Moz vs. SEMrush. Here is the complete guide for the best SEO tool.

Before going the main topic let me tell you one thing why there is a need to buy An SEO Tool?

Although in self-hosted WordPress platform, there is a wide range of free plugins and tools available. If you are using this, you are already in luck. You can find plugins for any kind of work in WordPress. But free plugins are free for a reason; they don’t offer too many features that will really help you to achieve what you want.

Here starts the use of tools specially designed for SEO. The reason for spending thousands of dollars on such kind tools is that they are premium & designed especially for SEO & loaded with all important features.

You need to be very careful when you are about to pick the right SEO tools for you. That’s why we came up with this comparison between Moz vs. SEMrush tools in 2019.

MOZ Tool – this is a kind of SEO software that allows you to unlock all kinds of keyword metrics, like;

  • On- page recommendations
  • Link building opportunities 
  • Crawling errors

In order to increase the traffic and ranking of your website, you need to invest in Powerful SEO tools to automate tasks that normally take hours to complete.

One such is Moz Pro, a comprehensive SEO software suite with several SEO functionalities.


  1. LINK ANALYSISlink building is a necessary process during search engine optimization. With Moz Pro, you can analyze from where the most backlinks are coming. It’s very important to check & analyze your link profile on a regular basis. Links are very important for a website. But it has been seen that sometimes we got bad links for our website & we really need to remove them so that they could not harm our website’s ranking. Moz can make this task easy for you. you can easily analyze such kind of links through Moz pro & can take appropriate action to remove them.
  • Keyword Research – Keyword research is very important in terms with SEO. But sometimes without any SEO tool, we are not able to decide which keyword is to target for our page. here given are the metrics of Moz for this purpose:

Keyword Volume – We can check that the no of times a keyword searched monthly.

Keyword Difficulty – It shows the challenging situations for you, by assessing the backlinks or social share of your competitor based on domain authority. You can get an idea about the challenging situations to rank well for a particular keyword.

Keyword Opportunity – This tool also allow you to see the things like ads and SERP features appearing on Google’s front page. Because as more as more features crowd the front page of SERPs, the lower organic CTR will be

Keyword Potential – Keyword potential column suggests that you have better chances of ranking well in the SERPs for a keyword. Usually keyword with higher potential score typically has strong search volume and lower competition.

It’s only your insight which is necessary regarding keywords that led to your page visit. Why your site is not ranking well, you should know the appropriate reason behind it.

  • Open Site Explorer – This is the best-known feature of Moz. however, to access the best feature of it, you need to be a paid subscriber.  What you can analyze with this tool is:

– Spammy sites that link to your website

– Useful ranking keywords for your site

– Analyze the phrases and the terms commonly used as anchor text to the provided URL or domain.

You can target the best pages easily, in order to maximize link building. You can see top pages of a domain according to the Domain & Page authority.

  • Moz Analytics – Before landing into the area where you can increase your website ranking, just analyze what your competitors are doing. This Moz tool helps you to audit your competitor’s site, track their keywords rankings. We can say that it is one of the best tools to those who want to improve their search visibility among competitors.
  • Mobile Ranking – This is newly added feature by Moz Pro team. You can easily analyze mobile ranking of your website. A desktop ranking, as well as a mobile ranking of a website, is important both. Make sure that your site is responsive, if not then make it first. You can easily compare your desktop vs. mobile ranking with Moz tool. this will also help you to track “mobile friendly “tags.
  • Competitor Rank Tracking – Without knowing who is your competition, you cannot get into the top ranking list. You can track keywords ranking from different countries and discover who your top competitors are. This helps you to easily overtake your competitors in every SEO aspect.
  • Crawl Test Tool – With the help of this tool you can crawl any website to find errors, HTTP status codes and other useful data. This allows you to explore somewhere 2000-3000 links of any URL. If you want to know about your content duplication, missing tittles, crawling issues, this tool helps you to get instant information.
  • Fresh Web Explorer – This will give you the assess to rule out who is linking to who? Link building is the main method to overtake the competition. By analyzing the keywords and links of your competitors, you will have a fair advantage of where to find opportunities to build quality links for your site. Mentions of your blogs, competitors, and keywords.
  •  On – Page Grader – The key to build a high trafficked website, on- page SEO is the key. Unfortunately, most of the bloggers do it all wrong. What this feature does for your site?

Audits Your On-Page SEO

Gives great insight on tweaking your pages for higher search engine rankings. The on – page gender scores your web pages by over 30 criteria’s, then rank recommendations by importance and difficulty.

8. Keyword Difficulty And SERP Analysis Tools – The in-depth knowledge of keyword research is very important. Professionals who are doing SEO for a while know the importance of keyword research. If you don’t want to waste time and money then it’s very important to choose right keywords for your website to minimize your time and efforts & maximize the results.

This Moz tool is worth paying for you if your goal is to take your SEO optimization to the next level. If you think that making proper onpage & offpage strategies is the base to grow your online business and website traffic, you should try Moz tools to optimize your website in a right direction.

SEMrush Tool  

This tool helps you to find profitable keywords, and it helps you by spying on your competitor’s keywords, backlinks, traffic and ad strategies.

If I take my example then I can literally talk about using SEMrush tool to improve your SEO. I’ve been using it for 2 years and it’s the only tool I recommend.

It not only helps to grow search traffic but it also helps to analyze keywords position properly.

As per the changing algorithms of Google very frequently, updation is necessary for online work. The SEMrush data-bases are updated very frequently, this is one of the reasons why you get accurate data.

Another best suitable name for SEMrush tool I can suggest is All-In- One competitor analysis tool.


  1. Backlink Analysis – Backlinks are the votes given by other websites, the more you have the better rankings you will get. Before that find a way that will deeply analyze backlinks of your competition. Here this tool helps you to uncover the few link building strategies.

By conducting deep analysis you can figure out what kinds of links are pointed towards your website. This effective backlink checker helps you to keep a check on incomings links, like:

 The backlinks you received are genuine or spam.

 From which location you have been referred.

 From where your competitors are getting strong and authoritative backlinks.

  • Best performing keywords – SEMrush helps you to easily find out the profitable keywords. What you need to do is;

-Just go to the SEMrush dashboard, there you will find out the “keyword research” – Tab at the left side.

– Enter the keyword and it will give you the detailed list of all relevant keyword ideas along with the monthly search volume.

 You will get all useful keywords according to your niche. You can also explore keywords that are region specific. It also displays match keywords as well as phrases. You can know about other related keywords as well.

  • Find Advertising Opportunities – Advertising is a best option to earn money. Generally, publishers get advertisements for their blog through Google Adsense to earn money. But they have one more option to get advertisers directly.

SEMrush can do it for you. Directly you can approach those companies who are willing to put their ads on your site and you can make money through this approach.

Let me make you understand how SEMrush works here;

It keeps its eye on all the keywords you are ranking for and then identifies companies that are advertising based on these keywords and displays them in a chart.

You can see data in different figures like

  • Domain: This is the website that is paying for the traffic.
  • Common keywords: They bid on these keywords that you happen to rank for.
  1. Ads keywords: they target these keywords
  1. Ads traffic: traffic generated from these ads
  1. Ads traffic price: shows the cost of this traffic

It is an all-rounder SEO package tool. If you want to overtake your competition, this is the tool you should first give a try. And it will cost you nothing.

By only paying $99.95 a month, you can find up to 500 keywords every month and you can get access to all features that make SEMrush one of the most affordable SEO tools.

  • Spy on competitor’s keywords – finding the backlinks, checking the website traffic, the best performed keywords of the competitor is what SEMrush does to spying on your competition. And if you about your competitors keywords, you are well ahead of them in any niche.
  • Find out the competition ad strategies- start implementing you strategies after checking the ad strategies of your competitors. Use SEMrush if you are focusing on using ads to boost your traffic, leads and sales.
  • Site audit – the best think about SEMrush is that it provides site audit feature. You can easily find and fix all your website issues. This shows the you how much “health percentage” your site has, so you can improve it every fixing your website issues such as crawling issues,images,with no alt tags, long title or meta description,too many internal links etc.
  • Position tracking tools – if you want to know that your keywords are performing well or not in search results. Tracking is an good option, but most of us don’t know how to track them. Now you have no need to bother about it because SEMrush allows you to do that. By importing all your data to your emails you can have access to it any time and make necessary improvements.

 I have compared both the best 2019 declared SEO tools. Although the comparison between these tools is really hard because they both are great SEO tools. Now you can imagine how much these tools are worthy for you or not. I’m not exaggerating it but try these tools at least once. I am damn sure you will be happy at last by using these tools. If I talk about the SEMrush only then it is #1 tool that is highly recommended by majority of the SEO experts. Both offer excellent features to their customers. Before jumping into a conclusion I recommend you to use both tools.

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