10 Must Use Tools For SEO’s From Google

Google has got lots of tools for general users, but some of them are really useful for SEO’s, Bloggers and Website Owners. In today’s article, I’ll be sharing some tools especially helpful for SEO communities that are designed by Google team. Here is the list of tools and products from Google I really love being an SEO:

Google SEO Tools

1. Google Reader: I use Google Reader to keep track of latest content coming on my favorite websites and blogs. Lots of SEO’s uses Google Reader to keep an eye on the amount of content their competitors are publishing on daily/weekly/monthly basis. While others use Google reader for blog commenting purpose where they simply subscribe to blogs RSS they want to place comments on and when they see some new content publishing, they just go and share their views about that content in the form of comments.

2. Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to keep track of visitors activity on our website. With Google Analytics, we can track lots of traffic metrics like daily unique views, total page views, bounce rate, exit rate, goals, top landing pages, top exit pages, top performing keywords, traffic by demographics, visitors type, browser type being used etc.

3. Google Webmasters Tool: Google Team at Webmasters Tool has been keeping on adding new features quite frequently helping webmasters and seo’s with their websites. You can get lots of insights about your website using Google Webmasters tool. I use Google webmasters tool for submitting XML Sitemaps to Google, for tracking incoming links to my website pages, Malware warnings, Crawling and HTML errors and website speed which is one of newest rankings factor on Google.

4. Google Alerts: One can get latest alerts about the terms of their choice using Google Alerts. I use Google alert to keep track of latest mention of our own and competitor’s websites.

5. Google Toolbar: This tool is widely used by seo’s, bloggers and website owners to keep track of their own and competitors website page ranks, backlinks and latest cache date in Google etc. One can use this toolbar for making quick search on Google, for auto form filling and bookmarking purpose as well.

6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner: Use this keyword planner from Google to do keyword research around your targeted keywords. When you enter a keyword into this tool, this tool will give you many more related keywords around the entered term with their competition, global and monthly searches, average CPC for them etc.

7. FeedBurner: Feedburner is really useful if you are maintaining a blog of your own on any of blogging platform. You can burn feed for your RSS using Feedburner and then keep track of traffic coming on your blog RSS feeds. With this, Feedburner will help you see how many readers are following your blog via their RSS readers or through their emails. You can show full or partial RSS using Feedburner.

8. Google Trends: You can keep track of hot searches on the Internet using Google trends. Using Google Trends for keywords of choice will give you graphical trend about that keyword in past month, year or previous years with demographics of your concern. So I can make some prediction about the kind of traffic I may receive for a keyword in near future for a search term and thus can strategies my marketing plan accordingly.

9. Google Buzz: It is one of latest social networking platform created by Google with Google +1. With Google Buzz, we can share favorite stories with our friends. We can keep our shared stories as private as well as public. To get maximum benefit of Google Buzz for seo, we should share contents from our website and blog having targeted keywords on Google Buzz. But we should not spam it with too much self-promotional shares.

10. Blogger Blogs: We can use blogger to create free blogs around the topics of our choice. And if we already have a website and looking out for additional ways to promote it in search engines, creating blogs on blogger with targeted terms will be a great idea. What you have to do is create blogs on blogger, update them with unique and quality content around your website niche. You can get lots of targeted contextual backlinks for your website from blog posts, in their blogroll and in their footer sections of blogs you create on blogger etc.

Apart from these 10 tools from Google, there are some more tools worth mentioning and are useful for seo’s like Google docs, Google profile pages, YouTube, Google insights etc. Have I missed mentioning a tool useful for seo community that was developed by Google, please share in the comments section below?

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