What is SEO | Search Engine Optimization? A Complete Guide

Those persons who don’t know best tricks about SEO then this article will help you solving problems. It is not difficult when you get experts tips which makes ease to understand the SEO. In this article, in the simplified language you can learn the tips and you can excel in the field of SEO.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of uplifting the ranking of the website organically. It is very important in the field of digital marketing. The main digital marketing has been depending upon the SEO process. Without paying even a single penny, you can able to attain objective of maximizing the profit by make visible to large population.
It requires best and effective technique which can rank the position of the website when hitting the keywords on the search box. SEO is pillar of the digital marketing career. It gives the new level to the business. Those businesses which don’t have enough funds but want to use digital media to generate more leads then SEO are the best option to mitigate the requirement.

SEO works on the search engine algorithm. When any algorithm is changed then it has a great impact o0n the SEO also. Google time to time update new algorithm which so as to no one can exploit the rules and regulation. And when they find someone who is involved in all such aspects then they imply serious penalties on them and even decrease the ranking of the website. So, the SEO depends upon the Google’s algorithm.


SEO is the list of techniques which is used in marketing the website by the help of internet that is called SEO marketing.
When someone writes their query on the query box then Google crawl the websites and those who comply all the algorithms, visible on the topmost position on the search engine result page (SERP). Google prefers to show that website that follows all the algorithms and use best keywords for their website. Keywords are the reason through which Google comes to know that your website is relevant to the particular query. When that website is visible on the topmost position then they are entitled to get more links and they will grow more and capture maximum customers. That is the motive of the SEO marketing.


The factors are responsible for online presence of the website are given below Keywords Google know your website from the keywords. So, stuffing the best keywords leads to ranking on the top position on the search engine. For the best keywords you can take the help of Keyword Planner where you will get the many option. But the focus is given on selecting the long tail keyword as it has the more chances to show on maximum search query. Domain Authority
Domain authority means authority which is calculated by Moz with reference to the backlinks and other factors. Those websites who have higher domain authority, Google prefers to show on the SERP. It is the most trusted website in the terms of Google.

Content quality

Google’s norms are very strict in this area. Content quality is the basic step in showing on the search engine result. Those websites who have duplicated content Google never shoe on the result page. Google shows those websites who have innovative and high quality content which can solve the query of the visitor. If Google starts showing any website then, the reliability will get lost and trust worthiness will also get reduce.

Never forget to mention the keywords in the content. When Google crawler come on the website then it try to crawl the content and when there is mention of the keyword in the content then it will show the website on the front page. So, there should be proper usage of keywords to increase the visibility.

Speed of Website

The loading time of the website also plays important role in the online presence. The whole business depends on the visibility of the website. If you want to increase the visibility then you can use the W3 total cache. It will decrease the loading time and less irritates the customers.

URL structure

The URL structure of the website should not be complicated and inclusion of the best keyword so that Google can easily crawl on the particular queries and increases the visibility on the result page.

Length of the website

The article should be impressive and informative so that it can generate audience for it. The word limit should be in the article more than 600. This is the standard size of the website.Google shows those websites who have good quality as well as quantity content.


SEO is of two types

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

On-page SEO

On page SEO means optimizing the pages of the website. The changes you will do are displayed on the website that’s why it is called on page SEO. It is related to optimizing the head and body section of the web page to increase the online visibility. It involves certain techniques which help in the rank on the search engine. The different elements of on page is given below which plays important role in ranking the website are gives below-

Title tag

It is the title of the post. The title must be within the 70 words limit. If it exceeds the word limit then it will not show on the search result which is the waste of the efforts. The title should be short and impressive and on basis of this people will go to judge the whole post.

Meta description

This will show below the title tag. The word limit is 140 words and within which whole concept of the post has to be explained in attractive and interesting manner that people would like to read the whole post.

Alt tag

It is the description of the image. The SEO of the image is also necessary. It helps in the
visibility in the image section of the Google and from there any one can jump to your
website. It is equally important to be done.


There should be proper usage of links in the content is necessary as it is the medium of
getting links from other websites. Links can be of internal as well as external link.
Internal link means the link which is of your website and external link is that link which is
of someone else website. It is the way of getting links and authority from the other

Header tag

Header tags are H1, H2, H3…H6. The header tag is the heading of the content. The main
heading should be written in H1 tag and then afterward use H2and H3 and go on. The
important header tag is H2 an H3 which helps in SEO.

These all are the elements of the on page SEO which you have to optimize and insert essential
keywords. Google reads these keywords and on the basis of these it mentions the website on
the front page of the website.

Off page SEO

Off page SEO is related to work on the back side of the website. It is not visible to the end users. It is related to making relation with the other websites by obtaining the authoritative backlinks from other websites who already enjoy the high authority. It requires certain techniques to be applied to get their links. These links help in uplifting the position in the search result. As Goggle will trust on your website as good one because4 your website is loaded with good quality
backlinks. The quality of the backlinks must be high and must be related to your industry. For example- if your website is related to digital marketing then those which is coming from digital marketing websites are relevant. Other links have no value if it is coming from outside your niche.

The techniques which are used involved in the off page SEO are the following- Social bookmarking, guest posting, directory submission, blog commenting, article submission, forum posting, image sharing, video sharing and many other techniques which are involved in getting links.


On page and off page SEO goes hand in hand. If you want to rank the website on the top then both techniques must be used effectively to get better result. The techniques which are used must be within the concept of Google algorithm otherwise your website will be severely panelized by the Google. These techniques are easy to use but the result will be seen after sometime. SEO techniques are to be implemented regularly to stay in the position otherwise new website will take your place and business as well.

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