What is SEO | Search Engine Optimization? A basic guide

SEO is originally stands for search engine optimization and the guys who are seo expert call himself search engine optimizer or webmasters. So seo is stands for two things search engine optimization and search engine optimizer. Basically SEO is a process to get top results in search engines or to get higher organic search results. It’s one of the best and effective ways to get huge number of visitors to our website. People do SEO their websites to get quality and targeted visitors through search engines. SEO is consists of many things like keyword research, Onpage seo and off page seo. search engine optimization is not a difficult task as anyone can do SEO for his website to get traffic. if we say in simple words then we can say that if we want our website in top results in major search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN or bing with our targeted keywords, then the process we have to do for this is called seo or search engine optimization. SEO is an extremely powerful tool which brings us our targeted and quality visitors and helps us to increase our sales. There are many companies providing seo services but they charged very high and giving no guarantees to rank your site well so it’s good to learn the seo process and do it for your website.

before we continue with our article on SEO I would like to inform you that quality is important than Quantity. we need to work hard to get results. you’ll also like the story when I started Internet Marketing.

Keyword Research

As we told above that seo is divided in basically three major parts like (Keyword Research, Onpage SEO and Off Page SEO). So let’s discuss the first part – Keyword Research. When a user or visitor tries to search his query by writing some words in search engines to get an appropriate result those words are called keywords. With the help of some software’s we can find out that what kind of keywords people searching on the web related to our business or services niche. In simple words if your website is about seo tutorials like ours, then you have to find out those words that people sea  rching on the net related to seo tutorials. There are many types of software and tools available in the market which can suggest you the right keywords of your website’s niche even Google has its own free and one of the best tool name Google Keyword Tool for keyword suggestions. We will discuss those softwares in our keyword research tutorial. you can use Google Keyword Planner to Research Keywords.

On Page SEO

Search engines checks many on page factors on our website to rank it even it’s more than two hundreds parameters but nobody knows what exactly these limits are. But let’s discuss the basic factors first.

After finding keywords our next work is to plot those keywords on our website and that is called On page optimization. On page optimization is all about making our website’s content keyword rich. There are many places where we can plot our keywords on our website like title, description or in between content, but today’s search engines makes their policies very strict to get out spammers from their search results, so according to search engine’s algorithms and policies we must plot our keywords on some special places to rank faster, better and for long time. After Google penguin update keyword rich content is very important on a website and we should also know about keyword density factor for proper on page optimization.

One more thing I would like to inform you that Internet Linking is very important these day to properly set up our On Page SEO. learn How to improve On Page using Internal Linking.

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Off Page SEO

And the third and the last part is off page seo which is also known as link building. Off page optimization or link building is a process which we do to get quality and relevant back links for our website. (Back links are those links by clicking on them a user can come to our site from another). We can get backlinks through many ways available on the internet such as web directories, Bookmarking sites, PR sites and article directories. One can also begin Off page SEO by promoting his website to social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. It can help you to get direct traffic to your website. Off page optimization is a continuous process. You can learn more about off page optimization.

So seo is a process to make our site ready about what people are searching for and to improve our website’s visibility.

Well this is something very basic and general information on what is SEO or search engine optimization. You can learn more about SEO on our website.

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