Warning-The Absence of a Company Blog Equates to Potential Revenue Losses

With close to 2 billion internet users globally the World Wide Web offers your business a platform to increase its customer-base substantially. Having an online presence is like owning a business in a large shopping mall that sees a “foot count” of close to 2 billion people. The potential is unlimited! But we all know that increasing sales is about relationships and trust. In this day and age, possessing a company website is not enough, because potential customers will nonchalantly “walk” past your “online real-estate” if there isn’t any one-on-one attention being offered.

A company blog solves this problem and provides the platform for you to establish relationships with new customers, and to maintain relationships with your existing customers. The low cost of starting a blog compared to the potential benefits makes the initiative economically viable. The establishment of a company blog is a technique that should be incorporated in your company’s marketing strategy.

In this article we’ll discuss 5 reasons for starting a company blog and how it can broaden your company’s earning potential.

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1. A Blog Helps Maintain Customer Relationships

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has taken on a higher degree of importance over the last decade. Companies around the world have realized the long-term benefit that is gained from maintaining relationships with existing customers. Through your blog, you can communicate directly to your existing customer-base on subjects ranging from new product offerings to exciting planned ventures your company intends pursuing. By developing a “chat room” you will also be able to open the lines of communication between your company and its clients in a cost-effective manner.

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2. A Blog Opens Doors To New Customers

A blog increases exposure and attracts new customers. By introducing dynamic techniques to attract new customers such as offering a reward for referrals, or giving away vouchers to current customers who invite new users to your company blog, you will effectively increase your client-base and you will reinforce relationships with your existing clients.

3. A Blog Attracts Customers from Other Online Platforms

A blog provides a tool to advertise your business to a wider audience. By advertising your blog on traffic intensive platforms like forums, social networking sites, chat rooms and other established blogs – you will certainly attract new customers. Every online community provides the opportunity for you to increase exposure by linking back to your blog.

4. Use Your Blog to Diversify Your Product Offering

Diversification is a proven method to increase market share and revenue. Your blog provides the platform to branch-off into new markets. For instance, if you own a Business Consulting Company, you can utilize your blog to offer business courses in the form of instantly downloadable audio courses or ebooks.

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5. A Blog Offers The Opportunity To Receive Valuable Customer Feedback

A blog can be used to test the market value of a new product or service. By offering current clients a new product at a discounted price in return for their feedback, you will gain invaluable insight on the strengths and weaknesses of the new product. This will assist your business to enhance the overall product to meet the customer’s needs, and it will lower the risk of failure when the product is introduced to the market on a larger scale.

As you can see, the market benefits of running a company blog are limitless. If you have been dabbling with the idea of starting a company blog it is time to initiate the process! Are you willing to lose a crowd of hungry buyers who want your product or service?

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