5 Reasons Why Should We Blog

Blogging is a business for those who can write and share knowledge about a specific filed. It could be technology, social media, internet or blogging. If you can write and share then you can start blogging, however you must know that why you should start a blog and not any other online business. Before going in details, let me describe blogging in a few lines.

Blogging is business where you provide knowledge and information. In return you get readers and advertisers. Your readers are basically your customers and advertisers are those who provide you revenue channels.

As you can see now a days a lot of students are joining the blogging industry and there a are few reasons why they jump into it.

1. Earning Money

The first and common reason of blogging is to earn a few bucks and live a independent life. Even some bloggers have taken blogging as a career and they are now earning huge amount of money. Basically for every blogger it is the money that motivates them and forces them to join it.

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2. Learning Knowledge

The second reason why you should start a blog is to learn. As you will be writing different articles in your blog, thus you will learn and your knowledge will increase. If you are writing on technology, then every day you will know about a new software, way and process. For me blogging is a very informational way to learn knowledge on internet about the latest technology stuffs.

3. Interaction with Others

If you want to interact with people around the globe then blog is a best tool for you to keep engaged with the whole world. That is why a lot of people has jumped in this field just to interact with others and build online reputation. Although the motive can be business or any other, but if you want to interact with the world then blog is a great tool.

4. Promotion of Business

Companies have also started a blog for there company and they are now writing different articles in there blogs to attract new customers. No doubt that blogs are now one of the best and working platform to popularize a business. In term of SEO blogs are the most effective tool to attract search engines and ultimately customers. Thus this is also a reason you can also start a blog to promote your own business on internet.

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5. Hobby

If you love fashion, music, sports or any other activity you can popularize your self using the power of internet in shape of starting a blog. Blog will help you to visible your talent to the whole world. As I said in the beginning you can use blog to interact with peoples around the globe, thus you can easily popularize your self using blog channel.

Blog can be used for different purpose and it depends on your motive. If it is money, then that’s great, if you want to learn then that is better. It is a very quick platform for you to join the online community.

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