The Growth Of Facebook E-Commerce

Tell me how many of you bloggers have a fan page? I am sure each one of you has a fan page for your blog. The past two years has seen enormous growth in the Facebook fan page and application scene simultaneously alongside the growth of Facebook. Facebook Fan pages and applications have become a great marketing tool for Internet marketers and small business as well as big Brands.

F-Commerce or Facebook E-Commerce has all of a sudden become an integral part of any business stratergy. The great thing about fan pages are that they can be highly customized and on top of that a brand can build a Facebook application which can easily get it more conversions by targeting the enormous amount of prospective buyers in Facebook.

The following awesome infographic by CreativeFeed tries to show the increasing growth of F-Commerce in the recent years.

We all know that SEO is a continuous process which takes time to rank a website. There is also no assurance in this process that a site will stay forever at the top of search engine results, if the owner of the website remains stagnant in the SEO process. When building links and promotional activities are discontinued, the website’s SEO campaign ends up nowhere. The website slides down the rankings until search engine users don’t see it anymore. Therefore, you need to improve and continue your website’s optimization process to maintain and improve current search engine rankings properly.

The connection between SEO and social media

But on the other hand, social media is nothing without an SEO campaign, unless your site’s already popular to begin with. What’s the point of relevant content and an attractive website design if no one knows about your site? You need SEO to get your site to top of the search engine results pages, to make your site visible to search engine users. The bottom line is that SEO cannot stand alone without social media promotion. These two tools can make an effective promotional team.

We saw that lots of social media campaigns end in failure because they only rely heavily on social networking sites like FB, Twitter & G+, blogs, or bookmarking sites without considering SEO process. These campaigns involve endless promotion through different social media platforms (either paid or organic); nothing but never-ending promotion and hoping that these tools will help the site get recognition. Because the people behind these campaigns don’t consider SEO important, the website doesn’t achieve its full potential for popularity.

The Infographic below can explain you better how we can get benefit of Facebook in our marketing campaigns – especially for Branding.

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