How to Become a Successful Blogger

Success is very important and we really need to work hard if want to become a successful entrepreneur. Same thing applies to blogging. Today blogging is a rocking field and according to a study by a reputed Internet Company AeG, every fourth person wants to get in the field of blogging. Blogging is what you can at the comfort of your home and can earn handsome amount of money. If we talk about how much we can earn with blogging than I can only say that sky is the limit. Today I feel proud to say that I’m a successful Internet Marketer and blogger but it cost me very high to become a successful blogger. I’m not talking about money it’s all about hard working and today I’m going to explain my secrets about blogging which makes me a successful entrepreneur. So let’s get started.

I update my Blogs and Sites on Regular Basis

Updation is very important. Google and other major search engines want Quality content on regular basis so that they can serve this content to their visitor against their queries. I’m not telling you to write 5-10 posts daily and update them on your blogs. It’s just about to write a single post but good quality post on daily basis and update that post on your blog. It’ll surely help you to increase visitors on your blog.

SEO of Your Sites and Blogs

The second most important part is to SEO your blog on regular basis. SEO is a process which we need to do on regular basis. According to my experiences whenever we stop doing SEO of our website, our site will surely losing its position in SERP’s. So it’s very important to keep doing SEO of your website so that your sites and blogs may get higher rankings in search engines.

Internal Linking of Your Site and Blog

Internal linking is a part of On Page SEO and we must take care of this part. Today internal linking is as important as updation of your blog on regular basis. Internal linking is just to link your posts with each other. But one thing which you need to take care is whenever you link your posts use different anchor texts to make looks them natural. Search engines love internal linking and this technique may help you to get rank above your competitors.

Social Media Promotion

Social media has become an important part of our daily lives. It’s as important as breathing for someone. We must share our posts on famous social networking sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and other available sites.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is an Off Page SEO Technique. It’s generally used to create backlink for your website. But the thing is quite different here. We can use commenting to share our thoughts with others and we can gain popularity with this technique. Commenting can make a great individual popularity for us.


conclusion is simple that we need to update our blog on regular basis, share it and make links for it and it’ll surely give you a handsome living and salary.

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