WordPress.org VS. WordPress.com

As we all know that many online companies as well as individuals using blogs to share their knowledge across the world. If you have a website or want to design a website then WordPress can help you and it’s also very important  to start a blog with WordPress in terms with SEO these days. today blogs are as important for a company as promotion of their products on search engines and social networking sites. We have many platforms to start a blog for our website like WordPress, blogger, Tumbler and many others. But today WordPress is the widely used Blogging platform. The best thing of WordPress is, It’s really easy to install and easy to operate. We haven’t required any coding language to mange WordPress. WordPress comes in two forms like WordPress.Com and WordPress.org. they both are same but they both are different. Would you like to know about the similarities and differences of WordPress.com and WordPress.org? Then let’s start the journey…

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How WordPress.com and WordPress.org are Different


WordPress.com is an online and free blog management system. We just need to go to WordPress.com and create an account at it and our blog is ready. We need not to buy anything and we need not to spend a single cent on it. It’s completely free to use. After creating an account with WordPress.com we instantly start posting at our newly created blog. It does allow us to use its full features at free of cost. After completing user registration it provides us a dashboard where we can manage our posts, pages, themes and other stuff.

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Disadvantage of using WordPress.com

There are a lot of things which are very good in WordPress.com but there is also a disadvantage available in this system. When we create an account with WordPress.com then your blog name will work like this – yourblogname.wordpress.com. Means you’ll have a sub domain which will works under WordPress.com. If you want to create a blog like this yourblogname.com then you have to go for WordPress.org


WordPress.org is basically an installation package which we need to install on our web hosting account. If you want to go for wordpress.org then first you have to purchase a domain name (domain name is basically what your site name is) and after purchasing domain name you have to purchase a web hosting. The whole package (domain and web hosting) will cost you around $50 or 2500 INR. This is only the disadvantage available in wordpress.org that you have to spend money to go with it. But there is also an advantage that you’ll have a completely private website which will run with your own brand name. No other name included.

Similarities of WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Hope you understand the basic difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org and now the time is to understand the similarities of these systems. Except installation and website name else everything is same in both systems. You’ll get the same dashboard to operate from where you can manage your content, install themes and other things.


WordPress is really a great SEO friendly platform to operate and you can mange lots of things with this. Well, thanks for reading this article and understanding the basic concepts of WordPress.com and WordPress.org. If you still have some queries or suggestion you can use comments below.

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