Why We Need to Be #1 in Google & Some SEO Fundamentals to Achieve Such Ranking

Have you ever asked yourself why there are a lot of entrepreneurs, businessmen and ordinary people like you and I do pay a hefty sum of money in order to have their website get ranked in Google and be on the number one spot? There could have been loads of reasons behind this but it all boil down to one thing, when you are on the number one spot, you will be reaping a lot of benefits and you will see positive results in just a matter of time. The profits that you will be getting less that you have spent for optimizing your website will come to you triple or even higher than that. Sounds good? Well, to help you be more acquainted with the variety of reasons why such people would want as hard they can to reach the number one spot on Google.

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Here are some common reasons why most people do want their websites to rank on the number 1 spot on Google:

1. Studies have shown that those websites who are on the number one spot do receive more clicks and visits from people.

The percentage of the amount of clicks a website has (which gained the number one spot on a particular term or keyword) will not be visible when you do visit the site. This will be determined by using Google Analytics and other tools of which the owner of the website has access to. However, based on research and certain studies, those who are on the number one spot do get a lot of visits per month. The more traffic generated, coming to a particular website, the more benefits a particular website will reap in the near future.

2. Most of the people who are doing their searches on Google have this notion or belief that the first website that does appear is what is being recommended and has good reputation.

Before we even come to know how these websites obtained the number one spot, when we do our online searches, we do click the website which on the number one spot. Then, just in case we do not find what we are looking for, we then go to the website next line until such time we have exhausted the first 10 websites. Seldom do we go to numbers 11-20. With this, it is clear that people who do have any idea about SEO does the same thing that we did before. Although, even if a particular website is on the number one spot this does not mean its reputation is 100% all-clean. But with a little help of SEO, any bad reputation will be eliminated.

There you have it two major reasons why people do opt for making their website be on the number one spot. SEO does a lot of things to your website. It can serve as a good marketing method which can make you generate more sales revenue that you could ever imagine before.

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SEO Fundamentals to Achieve Top Page Rankings with Search Engines

Google and other leading search engines encourage website owners to follow legitimate SEO principles to achieve high page rankings for their websites. The central goal of a search engine is to deliver most relevant and useful information to a search engine user. Search engine technology has evolved significantly in recent years to ensure that only the most deserving websites achieve high page rankings. This is a constant process of evolution aimed at eventually perfecting search engine technology.

SEO Fundamentals

Search Engine Algorithmic Process

Search engines constantly crawl throughout the World Wide Web to identify new and updated pages to add and include them into the search engine index. This crawling activity is performed with the help of a complex algorithmic process that determines which websites to crawl, how frequently to crawl them, and how many web pages to fetch from each website. The algorithmic process uses several key parameters such as the efficiency and uniqueness of website design, originality, quality, relevance, and accuracy of website content.

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To determine the quality of content, the algorithmic process evaluates how frequently a visitor visits a website, how much time the visitor spends on the website, what are the reader engagement and responsiveness levels of the website, the quality of one-way back links and references that the website earns on other websites, online forums, and social media networks. These are critical indicators that help the search engine determine the page ranking for a website.

Do’s to Make a Website Rank High in Search Results

  • Create the website with proper text links and a clear hierarchy. Each page of the site must be accessible from at least one static text link
  • Provide a site map that leads to the major pages of the website. If the site map includes a very large number of links, it can be divided into multiple pages
  • Any single page should include only a limited number of links
  • Think of the keywords that the site readers would search to find the website, and ensure that the website actually uses those keywords in its content
  • Important headings, titles, or links should be presented in text form instead of image form. Search engine crawlers do not recognize text included in images
  • Check for any broken links and inaccurate HTML

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Don’ts to Prevent a Website from Losing High Rankings

  • Do not use unethical practices such as “cloaking” whereby different content is presented to search engines and different to the site visitors. The website must primarily be made for the readers, not for search engines
  • Do not indulge in “link schemes” that promise to improve the website rankings. In particular, avoid links to web spammers or “bad neighborhoods” on the web
  • Do not use unauthorized computer programs to submit pages or check page rankings. Search engines are not very receptive to websites that send programmatic queries
  • Avoid hidden links and hidden text in the website
  • Do not overload the website with irrelevant keywords
  • Do not create duplicate pages, sub-domains, or alternative domains with largely repetitive content
  • Avoid any affiliate programs that offers little to no original content. Use affiliates only when they add value to your website
  • Avoid “doorway” pages intended just for search engines, and do not create any page(s) that includes malware or viruses

If you heed these do’s and don’ts, the chances of your website, business, or firm becoming successful increase dramatically. One thing is for sure is that you will not be blacklisted by the major search portals or engines. These virtual world rules help lead to real world success.

Hope the above tips will help you getting your way to #1 in Google and other major search engines & if you want to get more on this, you can also join our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi & SEO Course in Delhi.

12 thoughts on “Why We Need to Be #1 in Google & Some SEO Fundamentals to Achieve Such Ranking

  1. Unfortunately, even if they encourage us to use legit SEO principles, the sad truth is Black-hat SEO works if done right. This places honest web masters at a disadvantage. Even the big SEO companies use black or grey hat SEO, but i guess you can’t expect Google to admit this.

  2. These are some great points to remember when doing your SEO. You can avoid a lot of the Don’ts by keeping the user experience in mind, and not trying to fool Google. If you do anything that shows Google one thing, and a user something completely different, you shouldn’t do it. If you need a machine or software to build pages or spin content, you shouldn’t do it.

  3. This is a nice article. Being on the top like in Google means that you are the most searched. There is a feeling of being so proud that most people visits your site. And you know that because the more traffics the more you earn from it.

  4. I remember reading a report that stated 90% or search clicks are on the first 3 positions, with the number 1 position receiving as much as 60% of all clicks. After number 1, the amount of clicks drops to 20% for number 2 and 10% for number 3. So, even being ranked number 2 or 3 isn’t as good as being ranked number 1.

  5. There nothing wrong in trying to position your site in number one for a search. The problem comes when you work hard to boost your page in Google and don’t take care about writing good contents. Unfortunately, more and more people are doing this.

    I think there is a new profile for Google users, which I call “second page users” who prefer to go directly to the 10-20 results for a search. I do that sometimes, depending on what I am looking for. Some times you find diferent points of view, or even more complete information in pages that are not aime for the first position in the rank.

  6. Things you discussed are very important and every common web master want to see their results in top results of google. And from few days people are concentrating on instant traffic rather than the organic traffic. And spending a lot on PPC i do recommend people to do both at a time to get better results which are long lasting

  7. Content is really an important part in Digital Marketing today. Generating awesome content and maintaining it as much as date is key to SEO. The search engines really love sites like blogs , but that must be highly topical and frequently refreshed. But never forget to place any visitors first—at the termination of your day, even a niche site that ranks well and gets a lot of traffic is not any good in the event that visitors don’t like what they see.

  8. I would like to add one more point in the list and that is Sitemaps. Creating a sitemap facilitate the search engines discover every web page in your web site. The greatest sitemaps list all web pages and blog posts in your internet site along side brief keyword-rich descriptions of this page. When you have way too many pages on the site, create as numerous sitemaps since you need and then make sure they’re linked together.

  9. Yeaah, thats why i looking for.
    Thanks for providing these helpful tips.
    This article is very useful for beginners. I will share it.

  10. This article is very helpful as to be on top of Google page is very useful and helpful. It’s is very useful content to work on Google.

  11. I thoroughly believe these facts as I personally Recommended these things on my website that I created. Today my website is on 2page and soon it would be on first page. Content is the king of all things that we implement in our website.

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