Why Link Building is Becoming More of Content Marketing?

Has link building turned into content marketing? That’s the buzz on the webinars at the moment. So – what is content marketing and how do you do it?

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Baiting Your Hook

Content marketing is just another term for link baiting when all is said and done. You create outstanding content and people start to link to you because your content is so compelling. Remember, this is not just articles we are talking about here. In fact, the market for articles – which are stuffy and pretty obviously invalid even if they are interesting – ought to be slipping away as social media really takes hold. Blog posts and social media conversations are where you are going to make your links come alive, so start thinking about what you are putting in your blog.

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Are You Original?

Probably not, not even if you think you are. Whether you employ an external copywriter to do your blogging for you (which requires either an exhaustive knowledge of your own industry or a remarkable facility for re0writing other people’s content so it looks brand new), or do it yourself – there is very little you can say that will be wholly original. From the point of search engines, you simply need to be original in terms of word choice and order. In terms of human users you have a much bigger problem – saying something fresh, a lot.

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See here’s the big problem with all content creation – if you want it to have an effect it has to be repetitively original – and by that I mean it needs to sound fresh, say something unique, and be created on a horrifyingly regular basis.

The Bright Side

So what are you going to do? On the one hand you can spend hours every day writing your own blogs, which will generate a load of followers for you because you are the expert in your field; and on the other you can employ someone else to do it, which as noted gives you the quantity without a guaranteed quality.

Look on the bright side. You’re a figure of influence in your industry, so put that influence to good use. Get into the habit of writing one blog post per day at the end of your day, say, so it’s the last thing you do. You’ll find that the act of writing your blogs frees your mind to think more clearly about your industry and the issues affecting it – which will result in a series of properly interesting post that attract the attention you want them to.

What’s the Difference Between Link Building and Content Marketing?

If there is a difference it is simply one of emphasis on social media rather than on more traditional streams of SEO endeavor. Practical upshot – no difference, just another buzzword to get used to. And as we are all moving firmly into the arena of social media marketing there isn’t really even a need to talk about the old stuff any more. So: content marketing is the new link building just like social media is the new internet. Let’s get used to it and move on.

The Revolution is Now

You are no longer a link builder. You are a link creator. And you do that by having the best – i.e. the snappiest, most pithy and informative – under your control. So actually the march of internet progress has left us exactly where we were three years ago. Content is still king and however much you hate that phrase you are going to have to learn to love it. The revolution is the same revolution that has been going on ever since we stopped pumping billions of fake tags into our HTML and started trying to engage with our end users. Create the best content you can as much as you can and the links will create themselves.

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