Why I think that you should keep your blog a secret when it’s new

The title of this post might be a little bit confusing to some, why on Earth would anyone want to keep their new blog a secret once they’ve created it, the very existence of a blog is so that people visit it and comment on how awesome it is;). Well under normal circumstances that’s how it would be, but with this new Google search engine ranking updates that have been going on, I’m not quite sure if telling everyone about your blog right away after its creation would be a good idea.

New search algorithm that Google introduced called Panda, which is now in it’s 1.4 version, at least I think it is, made a lot of changes to the way that websites are ranked. Duplicate content on websites now cause bans and deindexations from the Google search engines, which can, depending on how popular your site is, seriously damage your blog traffic and your income. If you have a new blog, there is a possibility which could cause your blog not to succeed at all, at least I think that this can happen, I’m willing to listen any comments from your gals/guys on this particular issue.

You see when you create a new blog, you tweak it just the way you like and you add posts to it, the search engines still are not aware of your blogs existence, and they have not indexed your content in the databases, this is my assumption, I could be wrong, but it just seems impossible to me that Google can know about my website even though I haven’t submitted it anywhere. If you post links to your new blog on forums, social networks to show off, then people with older site which are already ranked in the search engines can take your content, post it on their own websites. It’s not a secret that websites with higher PR, page rank get updated quicker, and if my theory is correct, Google will index your content on the website of the person who stole it, and think that this is their stuff, when they reach you, they will mark you as a copier, because they already have that same content in the database under a different website. They will ban your blog from the search results even before it was there.

Don’t panic, I think that there is a solution to this situation, if it really can happen. Submit a sitemap with all your links to Google, and wait for a month or so before you mention your blog to anyone. That way the search engine crawler will get to your site, to your content first, and it will be accredited to your blog, not someone else’s. After that, after Google knows about the existence of your website, it should be safe to continue blogging as usual, announcing the world about your new post, right after you’ve published it, like it should be, what do you think, can something like this really happen?

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