What Is Google Adwords? – A Complete Guide

IntroductionTo Google Adowrds

We are living in digitalized where everything is decentralized through internet. Internet facilitates in making the life easy. Internet is the hub of information where you just type the query hundreds of result will be shown on the result page. It helps in giving information by text or videos whether related to news, video lectures, entertainment, quotes etc. Internet solves every problem. Now, internet is the great medium to find the customers and convince them to do favorable action. It is one of the attraction points of the marketers to find the potential customers and use various techniques to facilitate them.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the forms of internet marketing where person is required to pay to the Google for services provided. Google is the king of information and provide various services. Google provides the services of advertising on various channels and different ways. It helps in targeting the specified customers and enhances the ROI of the business. Marketers are responsible for operating the campaigns and make sure that the funds invested in Adwords must have capability to earn more than it.

It is the paid campaign. The motive of marketers is to increase their customers strengthen and maximize the earning of the organization. They must possess the immense knowledge of running the campaigns and know the techniques of investing less and gain more.

Types of ads run by Google Adwords

Search ads

When someone searches their query on the search engine box then some result display on the result page. Basically first four results on every page is search ad which is run by Google according to the factors specified by the organization.  There is always ‘Ad’ displayed under the heading of the shown result. From this you can distinguish between paid search ad and organic search.

In the search ad, the position of the ads displayed based on the various factors. Google considers various factors to determine the position of the ads. Following you will see the list the factors which need to be taken into consideration-


Keywords are the mode of finding the ad on the search engine. It is to be analyzed briefly from which you want your ad to be searched. There are three types of keyword search are broad match, exact match and phrase match. There is the negative keywords also from which company don’t want to display their ads. This is very important because company is liable to pay to the Google when someone clicks on their ads.


It is selecting the right audience for their campaign. So, the objective is to find their ad by the right audience which has major chances of conversion.

Landing page

Landing page is the collection of information which is designed creatively to attract the maximum customers. It consists of that information which the customers are looking for and target their need.

Ad copy

Ad copy is the ad shown on result page. It must be attractive so that customer would click on it and they can impress the customers and convert them into ultimate customers.


Bids are the maximum price at which company is ready to show their ad on the Google. If the two companies have equal score in landing page and ad copy then the bid determines the position of the ads. That website which has placed the highest bid is prioritizing by the Google.

Quality score

Quality score is given by Google to the ad on the basis of above factors and determines the relevancy of the ads. If the ad gets highest quality score then is required to pay less on the clicks per ad and vice versa. So, optimize the above listed factors and pay less to the Google.

Special ads run on search campaign

Besides the standard search campaign, you can also run special ads on the search network which will help in running the website efficiently. Points are listed below-

Dynamic Ad

This ad type is best for those who have well managed website and have best quality content. They don’t need to give so much effort in making the ad because Google will automatically takes the content and make their ad. For example- if you are searching for best juicer then Google will automatically create the ad from the website by showing the best juicer according to the keyword searched.

Call-only ads

In this type of ad, when you click on the option then you will facilitate you calling to the specified centre instead of opening the landing page. This is another form of option which you can incorporate in your normal search advertisement.

Mobile app

In this ad, you are promoting the products or services as well as mobile application. This is best for those who have their personalized mobile application and want to persuade the customers to move on apps.

Display ads

This is another form of advertising by the Google. In this campaign, Google displays the ads on someone else website and specially those which are more popular among the audience. This also creates the leads and influences the mind of customers. The ad is displayed on some others website and videos according to the website you selected.

The ad are displayed o those websites which are somewhere related to the website. Google offers various options to you and you have to select criteria according to your need.  Here, you will read the criteria which Google determines to place the ad on specific websites which are the following –


You have to add certain websites on the placement option on which you wish to show the banners. For example- your website is related to travel agency then you can put the names of trip making related websites.


You have to input the keywords for someone else website on which you want to place your ads. In this, company doesn’t want to restrict their advertisement on specific websites.                     For example- if your website is related to digital marketing services then you can opt for the keywords such as blogs for digital marketing.


There are certain topics in the Adwords where you can group your website under those groups. For example- your website is related to food then you can categories your website into food.


In this, you are remarketing your strategies to those who come on your website and don’t convert into customers.

Shopping ads

This ad is relevant to those who have the online websites and want to attract more traffic by listing their goods on the top. So that, when customers search on the Google then their goods visible to them first.

For this, you have to create the account on Google Merchant Centre. It will enable the retailers to upload their goods and get the listing on the centre. Secondly, create the account on Google Adwords and link them together.

Then, you have to update the Google Merchant Centre by listing new products within 30 days so that you goods will be shown first on the search made by customers.

Video ads

This ad will enable with video to run on the You tube and Google Display Network. The benefits of Video ads are the following-

Maximum reach

Your ad will show to maximum people by displaying them on different channels which has the possibility of influencing people on different platform. So, it is the best way to advertise your products on this campaign.


You can set the information of the targeted audience so that only right audience will click your ad and make your ad profitable.


The result from the campaign can be measured and can know the performance of the campaigns. In YouTube, you can see the number of views, frequency, engagement etc. and can analyze the performance and can take the steps to improve the conversion rate.

Universal App Campaign

This campaign is designed for those companies who have their own mobile apps and want to advertise using this campaign. This campaign will display the ad on YouTube, Play Store, and Display and run those ads which are designed by you. You have to just input some information such as text, budget and the maximum bid and some other information. You can test the different ad by seeing how it will go display to the public.

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