What is Domain / Page Authority & How To Increase It?


Domain or Page Authority is a score given by MOZ.com. This score shows the value of a domain name. The score ranges from 0-100. The higher the score you get, the higher the ranking could be, according to MOZ. The score is calculated by considering various factors such as the value of the root domain, Content & Backlinks. There are various tools & plugins through which you can check the score of any website such as MOZ Bar, Link Explorer, SEO quake (Google extension).

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Difference Between Domain Authority And Page Authority

There is another term of which people get confused between. MOZ also calculate page authority of the website. Page authority is a number of a single page which varies with page to page. Sometimes, people misinterpret both terms but they are totally different. Domain authority is the ranking of the overall website including all the pages.

If you want to enhance the domain authority of your website then you should work on your pages first. The authority of the website can be varying with the quality of the inbound links. If the domain authority of the site who’s giving an outbound link to your site is high then it would definitely impact the domain authority of your website.

Methods For Enhancing Domain Authority

There are no set of methods to improve the domain authority. But from my personal experience, I will recommend some ways which can make a huge difference in domain authority. These methods are explained below-

Multi Domain Backlinks

After creating the high quality content on your website the timeis to make some authority backlinks from multiple domains for it. But some of the webmasters do the mistake is that they stick to a single domain to get the backlinks. They publish many guests post but for the single domain only and get the backlink from that single domain. For a hike in domain authority, there is no need to have backlinks for many domains but some diversity is required to make some changes and improve the SEO.

Use Strong Interlinks

Linking relevant content from your own website is one of the major metric used to measure DA and shouldn’t be neglected in any case. Your newly published pages when linked into old pages of higher authority pass the link juice and make them rank better in Google and has a better impact on your website’s overall SEO. You would never see an authority blog not linking to its previous posts in their articles. These interlinks should be natural,diverse and not overdone. Make one thing go wrong out of these three factors and see yourself getting punished by Google’s Algorithms.

A good internal linking structure is an indicator of a powerful website with lots of top quality content and that is what an important factor for scoring DA.

Remove Low Quality Backlinks

Too much of everything is not always good. What I’ve seen many online publishers commit to is developing thousands of backlinks from wherever possible in the hopes of an increased DA. Lots of backlinks does include spammy ones. Every website does get pounded by the hurricane of spammy backlinks and a good publisher always cleans their toxic backlinks every once in a while. Do not wait till getting punished by a new algorithm and in inculcate the habit of cleaning up of spammy backlinks once or twice in every month.

While you are at it, always keep in mind that DA alsovalues the age of the domain a lot and don’t worry if you are doing everythingright and still aren’t reaping the benefits of it. Patience is a virtue thatwould help you increase your DA!

Low quality backlinks are also considered setback for the domain authority. They just degrade the link quality because of lack of relevancy and low quality backlink. But many marketers just opt the strategy to make the millions of links so that they can be highlighted on the search engines. In order to improve the ranking of a website, backlink strategies are misused. It directly affects the domain authority of the website.

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