Is It ok to Use Google Analytics Tool

If you’re in Internet Marketing Industry then hopefully you know each and every aspects of Google analytics Tools. google-analytics-toolthis tool help us to measure traffic coming to our website or blog.

GA is very important in terms with SEO (you may also join us for SEO Training). if you don’t know about Google Analytics Tool then you may learn more about it here.

Everything hing is pretty good with GA.

But the question I’ve been asked, however, is why. The real reason is, is that there are a lot of problems with Google Analytics.

The Problems With Google Analytics

Last week, I made a number of changes to all of the websites I run. The biggest of said changes was the removal of every Google tracking code on my websites (except for Google Webmasters Tools) – namely, Google Analytics.

Just removed the Google Analytics tracking scripts from my sites. It’s time to move on, fellas.

There were a multitude of reasons leading to the removal of Google Analytics, the biggest of which I have described below.


The biggest complaint that I, along with others, have with Google Analytics is the sheer inaccuracy of the software. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and do some testing.

If you place their tracking code in your website’s footer, Google may very well tell you that you received x visitors. That’s all well and good, but if you move the tracking code to the header, you could find that Google says you receive 2x visitors.

Simply changing themes can result in completely different bounce rates – switching from theme x to theme y may show an increase/decrease of 20% in your bounce rate.

While this all may seem really useful – being able to literally alter the statistics that Google Analytics shows – it is pretty useless. If they aren’t consistent, how can they be trusted?

Number Obsessions

One of the biggest problems with webmasters and Google Analytics is the sudden obsession with the numbers that develops. I love numbers and statistics, too, but there’s a point where enough is enough.

All too often, webmasters/bloggers/whatever-they’re-called-today become totally in love with numbers, and stop caring about the real people who make up the numbers. 500,000 visits a month is useless if none of them are dedicated, loyal readers who will help you in the long run.

Now, there are a few exceptions to this rule. If you are using GA for squeeze pages, sales pages, or other pages of the sort, then by all means go ahead and use Google Analytics. Or, you could even use a better piece of software. It’s all up to you.

Better Alternatives

Let me make it clear that I do not recommend having no statistics/traffic-analytic trackers at all. You should definitely track your visitors, and thus I have found a few great options that I use/recommend:


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