Top Tips: Pulling Rabbits/SEO Out of a White Hat

SEO – an ingenious technique which priorities and optimizes certain keywords, so the avid search engine users can find exactly what they want. Yet – with the so called “black hat” techniques causing spammy mayhem, SEO is in danger of getting a bad name.

So chaps – it’s officially time to clear up your dirty act, and start using quality “white hat” techniques. Ditching the cheap and frivolous romance with “black hat” techniques is easy with a few brief yet effective techniques to set you on your way.

Article Marketing – we’ve all read the atrocious articles that have literally been churned up and spat out by keyword stuffing and article spinning. The glaringly obvious problem when using these poorly thought out programmes is that a customer is not going to sit and read garbage. The key to success – write something they will actually want to read. Socking isn’t it? (And if you’re only after search engine rankings remember that these techniques could get you sandboxed too).

A real search engine user believe it or not is actually a very intelligent human being, who (shock horror) can tell the difference between an article which does or does not make sense. So write something that will be useful and interesting and your site will be rewarded by natural backlinks and tweets.

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It gets better with some quality meta. A meta keyword is a quality technique when used correctly. Yet due to the constant abuse and misuse of the meta keyword being filled to the brim with thousands of keywords (okay maybe that’s a slight exaggeration) – search engines now count them as less important. That’s right, hold your head in shame all you “black hat” abusers out there.

On the whole though, (despite the minor glitch of the black hatters) meta keywords are very useful when used correctly. The keywords allow the search engine to identify the subject of the article or page. This is incredibly important, as the whole concept of a search engine is that you search for something specific and the relevant categories come up.

Yet with the abuse of keywords, irrelevant articles and websites could rank high for unrelated subjects. It’s not only a little irritating for users of search engines, it is also infuriating for other, and more reputable SEO companies. Plus, Google, Yahoo and Bing won’t allow irrelevant search results to exist for long, even on lower pages.

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The back hat techniques are tunnelling deeper into the dark side of SEO and have long sincecome up with hidden text. The hidden text is literally littered with hundreds of keywords, all waiting expectantly for search engines like Google to pick them up and categorise the article or page accordingly. Yet, what the search engine does not realise, is that the text has been modified in its colouring to look like the page background, and is therefore invisible to users. This is when the unwitting searcher comes along, and believes for an instant that the article is legitimate. Obviously this isn’t the case, in fact what they are confronted with is a disguised article which looks informative, but which is instead full of keywords making no sense whatsoever. Great one.

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So how do you increase the popularity of your site? Guest blogging pretty much answers this one. By writing a good (come on now, we’ve just been through this) article, with good quality content you can effectively trade with another high ranking site. You put the article on their site, and then cheekily (it’s not really) ask for a link back to your site.

Guest blogging can work wonders. Yet there is the danger of receiving a good or a bad link back in return. To ensure you get the best link possible, you need find a good site which has a good strong authority rating, plenty of traffic and is relevant to your industry. This way both you and them can benefit from the exchange.

Once you have found an eye catching blog with great authority, it’s time to start trying to seduce the blogging pants off them with a quality personalized article for their blog. They say nothing in this world is for free…and while technically you are giving a blog for free, you certainly want something in return. This is why you have been feverously searching the wide abyss that is the internet for – so you can get a fantastic link in return which improves your website’s authority. If you’ve added value to the site in return, this is a completely legitimate trade.

So it’s time to rein in all those naughty habits and starting plucking “white hat” techniques out of your well informed hat. There’s no excuse to slip back into bad habits, especially with these helpful hints and tips which warn about black hat techniques. Stick to white hat – the better way to SEO.

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