Top 12 Benefits Of Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google to analyze what is happening on the website. It is a very important tool which gives full insights of the website. The mere creation of the website is not the only task. Its proper analysis is equally important. It tells about how much time spent by visitors on the website, how they deal with various links, which page is most seen by them, demographic information of the audience which is used in targeting the actual audience and many other insights that are available. These insights are useful in managing the paid campaign. Google analytics is a very important tool whose importance cannot be neglected. It is paid as well as free which is used by the small organization also. Google Analytics it’s like a report card which gives full knowledge of how much it is accepted by the public in large. You will get know where you are lacking and which is your strength in which you are defeating your competitors.

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Importance of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is dominant in every region. There are other analytics tools also which will help in tracking the audience but this is the most trusted cheap tool. The importance is explained below in easy language and helps in giving best knowledge about the tool.

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Easy to connect

It is very easy to connect the Google Analytics with the website as it doesn’t require special assistance and can be done by layman also. Just follow the steps and fill out all the required information and connect it with Google. After that Google is responsible for managing the account and time to time add new features which will make interface interesting.
Cheap tool Google Analytics is easy to use as well as free of cost also. It is like a gift given by Google to the users that they keep track on the audience and target very well and optimize the maximum leads. Hence, grow their business using the help of digital media and leverage maximum profit.

Analyze the traffic generation

It is the best tool which gives the real picture of the audience behaving pattern and on which page they spent time. It helps in building a report which product or service they are appealed by. And get to know about which page is looking interesting to them. It is the strongest tool which helps in deriving various decisions making and can improve for future and increase their leads.

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Recognize the actual visitors

The importance of Google analytics will come to know more when you get the detailed information about the visitors coming. This will help you in formulating best strategies to intact them with your business and extract maximum advantage. This helps you in extracting the maximum output and be better with your competitors in each sector. This will help you concentrating o which type of audience is interested in your business and make a decision in this regard. You can see this feature in the Audience and Acquisition report in the demographic category. And get know about them such as age, device, language, technology etc. and target them and generate more leads. If you get to know who is your real consumer then you can make the best strategy to impress them.

Google Analytics will also give you data about one week, one month or quarterly depending on your choice. Not only this, you will get the opportunity to know about other segments such as bounce rate, conversion rate, traffic rate and many more.

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Maintaining campaigns

An organization uses this information in making a detailed report which in turn help in formulating effective and productive paid campaigns which run on the search engine or on social media network. These campaigns help in generating lead at the fast pace which may not be possible in the case of an organic result. It increases the value of the result as the campaigns are more precise and highly result oriented. So, the report generated through Google Analytics serves a very
important factor.

Customized reports

Google analytics provides the feature of creating customized reports using filters. It helps in creating the ad which helps in reaching the right customer and persuade them so that they can take positive action for the company. Filters can be applied at each level and use for creating the most specific report.

Setting goals

It helps in setting goals which depend upon the company requirement. You have the option to select from the template such as acquisition, inquiry etc or have the option to create custom goals as per requirement. These goals can be revised as the goal change. It helps in monitoring the goals which need to be accomplished according to the feedback.

Tracking Campaign

You can track any campaign on Google Analytics which will facilitate you in giving a complete review of the campaign how it is going. It is the best way to gather information about how the audience is reacting to the campaign and their interest pattern. It is a medium to monitor the audience on the campaign and find a number of conversions made in a particular period. It can be done only by linking the campaign with the Google Analytics and enjoy the benefit of monitoring the ad and keep change which needs improvement.

Determine relevant pages

It is a great way to determine the most searched pages, how much time visitors are spending upon. It helps in publishing the other content on that page so that it can be reachable to maximum people and get a lot of confirmed conversion. It also helps to know about which page has the worst performance so that proper consideration can be paid and improve the audience-friendly content. It helps in improving the traffic on the page and can be displayed to the maximum audience. You have to determine which type of content can increase the leads so that serve that content to them and increase the effectiveness of the page.

Knowing the audience demand

Google Analytics helps in providing information about what people search on your website. It helps you in knowing what the audience is looking for. Keywords are responsible for diverting the audience on to your website. So, it helps in telling the keywords when they open your website and you will get the information about what the audience is searching for on your website. So the next time, you can fulfill their wishes by introducing their content on the website. It helps in attracting the customers to their side and leave a positive impression on them.

Feedback of content

It is like a business strategy which is to be used in analyzing the website. Content plays an inevitable role in the field of connecting the audience to the website and maximize the lead. Without the unique and innovative content, your website will get fail to sustain the longer time. It can be determined in the Google Analytics by knowing the staying time on the page. If the staying time is low it means your content is failed to impress them and vice versa. So, Google Analytics plays important role in giving such feedback to the website owners so that instantly take action on such boring content.

Determination of conversion rate

Conversion rate means the rate of traffic converted into an actual lead. Everyone is working in this area by applying best and effective techniques which can generate more traffic to the website. Google analytics gives the in-depth insights into the working of the website in every sector. So, it gives a report of a website. This information is analyzed comes to an ending decision stating that where the website needs improvement. It can be done only when you go through various
facts and figures and determine what the defaults of the website are.

When your website is behind from your competitors in any area then your competitor may grab the audience from you. The loopholes are can be of anything such as it of interface ability, lack of quality content, shortage of exciting offers, needs more promotional technique or any other thing which leads to the lower side of the conversion rate. It has an ultimate effect on the profit of the organization and finally may be the situation arises of the dissolution of the organization. It is the
worst phase of any organization. So, their main focus is to increase their turnover using any means. So, they have given full focus on where are lacking and strengthen that area and let not slip the customers from their hands with the minute mistake. This negligence can lead to seeing the worst phase which is not tolerable. Google Analytics helps in each manner which has to analyze in the light of coming challenges and opportunities.

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