Top 5 Ways Press Releases Can Help Grow Your Online Business

Press releases are an underutilized tool for a business on the internet. A press release is generally a written communication that announces something newsworthy about your company, product, or alerts media about a newsworthy event. With the advent of the internet, press releases can be distributed instantaneously to many different distribution services.

Doing so can help drive traffic to a website and let customers and other businesses know about something thats going on within your company. When growing an online business, press releases can help give you a “leg up” in getting your name out to the internet masses.

Press releases can bring more traffic to your website.

Learning a little bit about keywords and search engine optimization can go a long way in bringing increased traffic to your website when your press release utilizes both. If your business targets beeswax candles for example, a press release that utilizes that word will be picked up by search engines such as Google much quicker, allowing for more people to actually read your press release about your newest beeswax candle.

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Reach More Target Audiences

By submitting a press release for an online business you have the ability to reach more target audiences that include regular consumers, traditional types of media like newspapers, and online media such as social sites and online news hubs. When you create a regular advertisement, the distribution will most likely not reach twitter users. By distributing a press release, there are more opportunities to make sure it does reach that huge online readership.

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Build Your Brand

Press releases help build your brand. The more newsworthy events you have especially as you start out, the more press releases you are more than likely going to be able to distribute. Doing so gets your name out to different venues and  customers and reminds them of your company multiple times.

It sure beats out a “Grand Opening” sale that happens only once with the possibility that everyone will forget about your business afterwards. A press release about your new business just starting, followed by another press release regarding your expansion, a special offer, etc., will help increase your brand identity and advertise your name multiple times.

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Power of Social Media Sites

Utilizing the unique angle that a press release takes, you can harness the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, just to name a few. A traditional ad or press release isnt going to be distributed to users of Facebook and Google, whereas an online press release can even be submitted to Twitter. Social sites are very important to any business today. The potential to reach millions more people is a “no-brainer” in todays online social media climate.

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An online press release gives the added benefit of creating back-links to the website or webpage that you desire. The search engines tend to “like” links to pages with good content if you are announcing your new website. A link to that site will be distributed across the internet many times, often globally, and that will help to create more links to your site when distributed in this manner.

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