Top 4 Google Analytics Metrics And Their Importance On Website

Google Analytics is a free tool of Google which helps in analyzing the position of the website. It shows many metrics which is directly related to the website. It helps in giving the insights of the website and ascertaining the performance of the campaign run by the company. Every metric is important for a website. Considering the metrics of the Google analytics, marketers make the report and mention the points which they are unable to achieve. They also describe the reasons which make the campaign unsuccessful.

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The Analytics report helps in improving the decision making quality for the next campaign. It gives the immense knowledge of the website but it depends on the marketers that how they evaluate the report. Metrics say a lot about the website but it’s on the marketer that how they efficiently interpret it and reach on the root of the problem. It is the big field which requires expertise and read all the dimension of the market.

There are number of factors which are important but most important factors are the following-

Landing page

Landing pages are the page on which the visitor’s lands. Website has many pages which has information about the business. They have to analyze that how visitors visit on the landing page. It means that they want to know how much time they spent on the page so that they determine that is it giving value to the business. It is very important to know because they will know how much people liked their content and its interface behavior. If spent maximum time it means that they are interested in their business and want to know about them. So, the landing page must be informative, beautifully designed and attractive.

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Users are the number of visitors who have gone through the website. Companies are interested to know the addition in the new users. If the new users are constantly increasing, then it means that the marketing approach is on right track. Here, the main focus of the marketers is to ascertain the growth of the new users and understand the marketing approach is working in the right direction or not.

Traffic Referral

It shows that from where the traffic is coming. It is the most important factor to know and helps in keeping in check regarding source is more active and successful in attracting the customers. At a time, company has run many campaigns to reach the targeted audience in the short time. They may have employed techniques on social media, search campaign or video campaign or any other mode. They all are eager to know which is successful in reaching the targeted customers. It helps them to fix the loophole in the campaign and increase the efficiency of the campaign.

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Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the rate which tells us about the percentage of the user who indulge in the desired result. The desired result can be of filling the form, making purchase, making call etc. The desired result can be anything. It helps the marketers to know that the web page are interestingly drafted and content is useful or not. There are lots of techniques which are implemented to make the potential customers into actual customers. The increasing rate of the conversion tells that everything goes right and according to the plan.

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