Things To Remember Before Choosing Between WordPress and Blogger

Blogging has gone a long way, but still there remains a lot of confusion in deciding which platform is best suitable to choose for blogging. There are three famous and popular platforms to blog with: WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr. In this article, I am going to compare the pros and cons of blogging in WordPress and Blogger. We will dig deep into the blogging opportunities provided by both of these platforms and decide who winds in the Blogger vs WordPress battle.

Blogger is a free and open platform by Google. If you are new to blogging and is unaware of the technical details and is moreover not ready to invest any amount of money on your blog, then Blogger should be your first consideration. But if you are serious about your blogging career, if you want to blog in the professional way and want to continue blogging for a long term, then WordPress should definitely be your choice.

But choosing between Blogger or WordPress, is not easy, and it often confuses many bloggers, so lets dig deep into some of the aspects in choosing between these two blogging platform’s.

WordPress Vs. Blogger (Blogspot)

# Blogger is Free, But WordPress is Not

This a reason for anyone to thumps up for Blogger. Blogger is completely free and you do not need to spend a single penny out from your pocket. Your site will be hosted on Google’s servers which is fast, reliable and highly secured. If you are a new blogger, then this should be a strong enough reason to compel you to go for Blogger and not WordPress. But if you decide to go for WordPress, then the option is not free. You have to buy a server of your own to host your files.

Google will also provide you with a free domain name. Technically speaking it will be a subdomain of “blogspot”. But it will be free. But if you choose WordPress, you will need to buy a domain name also.

So, if you think clearly, then you will understand that Blogger mainly attracts the newbies and not the advanced and the pros. If you are a professional blogger, then you will never want to go for Blogger, even though it is free in terms of both server and domain. If you are an advanced blogger then you will definitely want to buy your own server which will give you the scope or opportunity for customizations, flexibility and security.

And for the case of domain name, who will want to live forever on a blogspot subdomain. You will definitely want to buy an unique TLD of your own. Isn’t it? And the prices of domain names are cheap enough for even newbies to buy. But you can avail that both from WordPress and Blogger. It is not that you can only get custom TLD’s form WordPress and not Blogger.

So, the last words in this aspect simply are, if you are a new blogger, and is not ready to spent money on your blog, then Blogger should be your choice. Simply if you are going to start a blog on your personal life, share your day-to-day experiences, then spending lots and lots of money on your blog is just not required. But if you want to become a serious and professional blogger and want to continue blogging for a long-term, then WordPress should definitely be your choice without any doubts.


# Customization’s and Flexibility in WordPress and Blogger

If you want customizations and variety of functionality, then WordPress is what you will want to choose. Each and every corner of your WordPress site can be fully customized into what you want it to be. But if you are in Blogger, you will be limited to a minimum number of features and functionalities.

I remember of a saying,

Blogger= Prison and WordPress= Freedom

And there is no way to jailbreak this Blogger prison.

WordPress can offer you thousands of plugins, both free and premium for your use. If you are a casual blogger, then you might not need all features, functionalities and customizations offered by WordPress. But if you are a professional blogger, then you will definitely need these features in your blog. Not only these, the themes that blogger offers are limited and almost uncustomizable. But in case of WordPress, numerous free and premium themes are available and you can customize each and every corner of your theme so that it meets our requirements.


# SEO Point Of View

Few SEOs say that you will be having a slight benefit if you are blogging with Blogger. The reason is that Blogger is a Google product and Google’s search engine algorithm gives more preference or importance to sites that use Google products. So, you are using Blogger, then you may be having a slight benefit than your competitors.

It has been observed frequently that blogspot blogs generally do have a higher page rank and also they get these ranks faster than WordPress blogs. Also the pages get quickly indexed in blogspot blogs than in WordPress blogs. But remember one thing, there lies lots and lots of skepticism in this.

But you dont need to worry about this too much. If you are in WordPress and is doing SEO in the right way then this slight advantage is not enough to outrun you in the SERPs. If you are able to build a good link profile, then you will also have a better page rank, better position in the SERPs, and will be able to outrun any amount of competition.
So, I have shown you both sides of the coin.


I have discussed in deep some of the aspects that rules the decision on choosing Blogger or WordPress as ones blogging platform. Now its completely up to you to decide which one to choose. If you have any more uncleared doubts, feel free to ask here, I will try my best to solve it for you. See you in the comment section.

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