The Best Ways for A SEO Marketer To Stay Abreast of the Latest Google Algorithm Changes

With more than 60% of the market share, Google is easily the cream of the crop when it comes to the online search game. This means that it is the entity businesses must constantly aim to please if they want to continue to enjoy increased exposure, traffic, and other benefits of search engine optimization. Unfortunately, keeping up with Google can be a full time job in and of itself for the simple fact that the company appears to change its ranking algorithm on a regular basis these days. Just when you think you have all the answers, these guys go and change all the questions.

All of Google’s algorithm changes, be it the Freshness initiative or the infamous Panda update, are made to create a smoother and more relevant experience for the user. After all, if people are not using this tool too find content online, then they are probably using Bing or Yahoo, and that is no good for the king of search. The tricky part for an SEO marketer is that even when Google does openly discuss changes, which is actually pretty rare, it never tells the public what needs to be done to adapt according to those adjustments. Although this is a rather frustrating aspect, it is only right from the standpoint of fair competition.

Knowledge That’ll Last a Lifetime

So what does an SEO marker have to do to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes? It’s simple really stay focused on your content. If you make your content the number one priority, you will be in position to continually thrive no matter what Google has going on behind the scenes. Here are some pointers explaining how you can do just that:

Stay on the Right Path

If you are an SEO marketer who is already enjoying success in the way of rankings, then you probably know that churning out high quality, relevant content on a regular basis has always been the way to Google’s heart. Nothing has really changed in this regard, so neither should your strategy. Keep doing what you have been doing to get that exposure and don’t try to overhaul your entire strategy just because you hear that a tweak or two is on the way.
Don’t Forget the Human Element

Some SEO marketers spend so much time trying to appease the Googlebots, they forget that their content will actually be consumed by humans. With search becoming more social and personal, this is starting to be one of the worst things you can do. Updates aside, optimizing for human traffic will forever be important.

Read Your Reports

An SEO strategy is an instant fail without accurate data to back it up. You could have the most comprehensive tracking system available, but if you are not putting it to use, then having it will do you no good. Be sure to regularly analyze your reports and act accordingly to what they tell you.

If there is one thing that we can pretty much count on, it is that Google will change its algorithm many more times. Will you just barely survive, thrive, or be a victim of these updates? Only you have the answer. You can also join our Digital Marketing Course to know more.

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