The Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy for Making Money

Making money from Affiliate Marketing requires a well perfected strategy. Promoting a great product or writing a good product review is not enough to generate sales from your affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy Model:

Step 1:

Choose a product and write an informative and attractive product review to promote it.

Step 2:

Next you need to become an affiliate of Amazon or Click Bank, generate an affiliate link for your product and publish it on your website or blog or any of the popular social network sites.

Step 3:

Now comes link-building. Your affiliate link is live now. You only have to drive more and more web traffic towards it. For this you have to post content having your affiliate page link on popular web sites like EzineArticles, Squidoo, YouTube, HubPages and the like.

Step 4:

You can also try some social media sites like Orkut, Facebook or Twitter to direct more traffic to your affiliate links.

Step 5:

Now there is nothing to do but wait for a week or two for the traffic to come; then you will start making money.

affiliate marketing strategy

The rules to follow in Affiliate marketing:

There is only one rule to follow in affiliate marketing: to drive more and more traffic to your affiliate links. The more traffic you can generate towards your links, the more sales it will generate and the more money you will make. It is possible to generate high income from affiliate marketing; you only need patience and the proper mind set.

You do not need to be a successful or popular product review writer to write great product reviews. The review needs to be catchy and be key word rich. You also need not own a blog or website. Of course, having a successful web site helps because then you already have an existing reader base which you can exploit.

There are many e books to be found on Affiliate marketing, citing various rules and procedures. But, in reality, you do not need any expensive e books to be successful in affiliate marketing. You just need to follow the model given above and have some patience. Success will follow.

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Facebook Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is selling other peoples’ products through your web sites or blogs and getting a commission for each sale you make. Now, you can do affiliate marketing using a popular social networking site like Facebook. To make money from Facebook affiliate marketing, you need to divert web traffic from Facebook to your affiliate links.

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There are various methods through you can direct traffic on Facebook to your links. You can do this through Fan pages, Comments, Facebook applications, News feeds, direct advertising on Facebook and the like. The principle remains the same: the more traffic you are able to divert towards your affiliate links, the more sales you generate and the more money you make as commission. However, there is one disadvantage of using social networking sites. The visitors are there not for buying but for socializing. Thus making money from such traffic is a difficult task.

Hope these tips will help you getting your way to affiliate marketing.

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15 thoughts on “The Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy for Making Money

  1. Be patient and learn from more knowledgeable gurus such as Patrick, and I am sure you will make good sales in your affiliate marketing efforts. Cheers and wish us success!

  2. Although many people claim about successful affiliate marketing campaigns, I have had little success. Maybe I need more time to listen to and read wise gurus. But still, thanks for the information.

    1. I know what you mean and how frustrating it can be. From my experience, in order to succeed with affiliate sales, you need few elements to come together.

      These elements are a converting copy on your site (usually a detailed and informative review is enough), very targeted traffic coming to that page.

      The targeted traffic can be achieved from ranking at the top 3 of Google’s SERP for certain search terms.

      Once you have gained the above two elements, you’ll start to see conversions.


  3. It is the fact that many people start out trying to make money online through affiliate marketing, but unfortunately most people have lack a reliable affiliate marketing strategy. So here seems to be some reliable resources to learn and gain affiliate marketing strategy. Thanks for informative post.

  4. It is clear now that we can make money online fast and sometimes easy but only if we work with the right businesses, opportunities and marketing strategies. Thanks for sharing these simple and effective basic keys for Affiliate Marketing.

  5. These all steps so helpful and useful for everyone,everybody is different and therefore prefers a different strategy. For example some like building small review sites while others like to create authority sites.

  6. Hi Sir! Many people start out trying to make money online through affiliate marketing, but unfortunately most people lack a reliable affiliate marketing strategy. So to go through in a correct path is very necessary. Thanks for nice strategy in this regard.

  7. Actually Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more and continue to play a significant role in e-retailers’ marketing strategies. Nice tips and guidance on this making money strategy.

  8. Providing the most extensive content about the product and making it very visible to your target audience through efficient link building is what I personally believe to be the most effective strategy when it comes to affiliate marketing. Knowing that search engines are now more strict with content policies.

    Building a follower base and a strong list is also a good way to earn through this business model.

  9. I dont know about affiliate marketing and i thought its a big and difficult process to start. But u have explained so simple and now i have the confidence to earn money through affiliate marketing.. Thanks for this explanation..

  10. That’s a good strategy but in order to be a really successful affiliate marketer you should be sure that you promote quality products that you are proud to promote because if you promote products of low quality you will lose your credibility and people will not trust your reviews

  11. Affiliate marketing is the business of marketing a product or service for someone else, then getting paid if visitors complete an action like fill out a form. Social media sites also play an important role in this regards. Thanks for nice tips to get success in affiliate marketing.

  12. Affiliate marketing is the business of marketing a product or service for someone else, then getting paid if visitors complete an action. Its the fact that facebook play an important role in it to easy for making money by affiliate marketing.

  13. Hello! It is for the first time reaching this blog and i found some interesting posts. Reading them I was asking myself some questions. Why some bloggers are working so hard to put usefull information for the public and in the end they realized the compensation is too small? Is it worth it? The people who read this posts understand the volume of work necessary to mentain a blog alive? I really hope so.

    Keep up the good work. You have my appreciation and I wish you a lot of success.

  14. Affiliate marketing is really one of the good platforms for making money for the blogger. A professional who is in the path of blogger will always look into the affiliate website to make the money for the research and development. The stepwise explanation was really good.

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