Team Blogging: Ideas for New Bloggers

So you’re interested in starting up a blog, but you’re intimidated by all of the work associated with nurturing it during those first few months before traffic starts to rise? Maybe you know a lot about a specific niche, but you don’t necessarily have the connections to attract a readership? Do you prefer to collaborate with others on a project? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might consider starting a group or team blog. Team blogging can be the solution you need in order to allow you to be a successful blogger.

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Whatever your reasons, team blogging offers multiple benefits, especially to bloggers new to the scene. Think about your goals, and then you and your team members can decide how to organize the blog. Questions to consider include the following: how many team members should write for the blog? How do we generate ideas for content? Who is responsible for what kinds of content? Who is responsible for managing the blog behind the scenes? Will there be an editor or will the blog run by committee? How you answer these questions will determine the success of your blog, how its readers react, and how it fits into the blogging community.

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For example, a blog of writers who can all post content as they see fit without running it by an editor can really jump on trending topics and recent developments within the community. However, the blog risks running repeat content, as well as content that hasn’t been edited by another set of eyes. Of course, there are ways to work around this. Bloggers could only cover a subcategory, and weekly virtual meetings could keep everyone aware of the direction of the site.

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Likewise, on the other side of the continuum is a site that is edited from the top down. Such a blog could create much more expansive, refined, and in-depth content. This content might not keep up with breaking news, but it could offer the community a chance at subtle and complex reflection on the greater issues at hand. Of course, the disadvantage of this editorial structure is that it would require strong leadership from the editors, and a staff of writers willing to focus on their projects for the long-term.

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And there’s certainly nothing keeping an aspiring blogger from combining these two examples in any way, as each new blogger or team of new bloggers will have a unique way of achieving their goals. The important thing is that you try to find a team of bloggers with whom you share a passion for blogging, for the internet, and for whatever niche all of you join.

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