Social Networking as a Tool for Progress of a Business

Social networking and business can be closely related to each other and the type of relationship they have is one of its own kind. A person interested in making money through business might as well want to propagate the services of his business by all means. A big platform is provided by our very own social networking sites. The type of space and popularity social networking provides cannot be matched even to the other media devices like televisions or radios.

So these sites have actually eradicated all other forms of advertisement and have become one of the most dominant publicizing medium.As the use of internet has increased day by day and the number of people using social networking for their entertainment is amplified so have the progress of business through them. Now let us see how social networking works as a tool for progress of a business:-

Enthusiastic response– people have a tendency to response to anything that is posted on the net if at all it is even slightly related to their interest. Having big banners under their direct access attracts them to know more about the company and its related services. Such kind of eager customers are a big help in the promotion of the business thus benefiting the company altogether.

Instant feedback– everyone today has an account in the one or the other most popular social networking sites. They keenly follow the updates to make sure they don’t miss anything and put their valuable suggestions and feedback so that the organization knows where they lack. Thus any business people have this great opportunity of receiving instant feedback from their customers which is an obvious advantage for the progress of their business.

Platform with all ages of audience– social networking sites are the kind where we have people of all different age groups. The old and the young all use these for fun, time pass and some for even business transactions. Thus an exposure to a huge variety of viewers gives a more profound way of promoting business than the rest.

The pros of associating social networking and business

No need of publicizing on local newspapers and magazines.
No need of coming up with ideas of how to get a feedback from the clients.
Responses and feedbacks in large amounts.
All the advertising and feedbacks and transactions at a single place.
Company can give details about all of its products, discounts and other related offers.
Easy updates can be made.
A more graphical approach to lure the clients.
All age groups of people are covered at the same time.

The cons of promotion of business through social networking

The feedback and the suggestions will not confidential anymore.
Any negative feedback posted is easily viewed by all everyone.

Summary– on one hand social networking may prove to be a useful tool for progress of a business with a number of benefits but at the same time it has some negatives also. But surely there are ways to turn around such cons to make them favorable.

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