Say No to Unnatural Link Building Practices

There are numerous ways through you can produce backlinks for your website or Blog, however not all of them are unnatural-backlinks-building-techniquessecure. Your site may punish at any time if you are using unnatural link building techniques. Google is extremely strict to their web spam policies and recently they launched Google Penguin 2.0 to stop such spam exercises over net. Search engines are getting smarter day by day and they can effortlessly distinguish any sort of spam systems used to create backlinks. There are numerous online organizations offering immense number of backlinks in an extremely little measure of cash and with a little effort yet I am dam certain that these traps are not safe, might these things will work for you for a few days however your website will surly punished from indexing, if you are using such techniques. So let’s see which link building techniques to avoid.

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Automated Link Building Softwares
There are numerous sorts of software are coming in the market which offers link building with a very little effort but remember these techniques are not safer and these softwares not create quality backlinks. These softwares create backlinks on low quality websites with duplicate content (in titles, descriptions and other tags). These links are not safe or anti penguin and your site get penalize in all major search engines.

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Paid Link Building
Google is exceptionally strict in buying or selling links. Many websites offer links from high PR pages but these links are not safe because they pass PR juice from a high PR site and they are comes under paid links category. It looks very good but it’s not profitable in longer terms. So try to avoid such links.

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Buying Links from Blogs
Generating links on high PR relevant blogs through guest posting and comment posting are two best commonly using link building strategies. But there are many webmasters that creates a network of high PR blogs and offer backlinks on them. Few years back it was difficult for search engines to recognize such links but not now. Today’s search engines have discovered many advanced algorithms which can easily detect such links and can penalize your site from ranking and indexing. So if you got any offer to get links on blogs in a little amount of money don’t engage with that and simply say no to such things.

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Links from Footer and Free Work
These links are mainly creates by web design, development or seo services provider companies. They create links on the footer of such websites which they design or develop for their customers. According to Matt Cutts in a video these links are safer until they are natural and relevant. But after Google Penguin 2.0 these links building techniques are not safer any more. Many other development companies are also using these techniques via free Plugins and WordPress themes. These practices are not anti penguin anymore and we suggest you to ignore such things.

SEO strategies and practices are getting change day by day and we have to discover new and relevant things to keep our websites and blogs above our competitors.

This Post is Written by Gaurav Heera From Delhi Courses.

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