Research and Plan First Before You Resell SEO

Because SEO Reselling sounds like a very easy business just like how bloggers and online writers describe it, most aspiring Resellers thought that planning and researching are unnecessary to the business since the Provider has already done this part, and all they have to do is to resell the service to their chosen localities and niche. Therefore, what they usually do is skip the “hard” part, which is the planning and researching, and jump straight into the “fun” side, which is the reselling itself.

But having a SEO Provider to “provide” us the SEO business doesn’t mean we don’t have to plan anymore. As Resellers, it is our sole and main responsibility to get acquainted with our future business partners (the end clients), and doing such requires extensive and serious planning. We should always remember that our SEO Provider would only give us the right to “resell” their business, but never will they execute the reason why they actually hire the resellers in the first place, which is to find end clients in different niches and markets to expand their business.

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Research and planning for startup resellers

Most of the time, startup resellers are always empty handed and clueless where to start their newly acquired business. They have no idea where to begin, and the concept of planning and researching seem an additional burden to them.

So what’s the point of research and planning? Just like any other businesses out there, your initial take on learning about your target niche would help you know how they understand their industries, how they think and behave as a business, and how they treat their products and customers. You will need these things in formulating your own White Label SEO programs, promos, and marketing gimmicks. These things are actually the key to being a unique and exceptional startup Reseller.

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Start it online

The easiest, fastest, cheapest and most convenient way of jumpstarting your research is still through the Internet. Yet researching on the Internet does not mean relying on Google and Yahoo! alone. Expand you research from regular search engine search to email utilization, social media investigation and comprehensive on-site research.

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Email utilization.

There is nothing more personal and efficient than asking it directly to the business owner itself. Directly emailing companies about their products, services would help you understand how they treat their services and customers. Their reply could help you analyze how they think as business owners, and it could help you formulate right reselling approach when you eventually present your SEO business to them. Unfortunately, not all companies devote time in answering “aspirant’s” queries on email, especially when it comes to their company secrets and strategies. However, there are still companies today that allocate time in direct email questions because they know that ignoring such might harm their online reputation.

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Social media investigation.

Almost every business today has its own social media presence. Using your own business social media account, study how businesses deal with their social media marketing, SEO, and online reputation. See how they promote their products and how they deal with online followers and supporters.

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Comprehensive on-site research.

We all know that most companies today will not give and reveal their secrets on their social media sites and websites. But having a serious look on their products, services, and even business goals will help you understand the business’ priorities. Knowing their priorities would make you determine the perfect SEO plan for them.

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Hope these tips will help you getting your way and you can also join our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi for more.

10 thoughts on “Research and Plan First Before You Resell SEO

  1. Reselling SEO is not as difficult as it look like. There are trusted companies that can handle the job well. The only job of reseller is to find customers.

  2. Hi..!!

    AS SEO is not a partnership business rather it is to gain the trust from clients by providing good service to them. To become SEO reseller is not that much is business.

  3. SEO Reselling means you sell the services and manage the client but you have a “white label SEO” company in the background doing the link building and optimization unknown to your client.

  4. Well this are good points. Personally I believe that SEO reseller need to have a good experience, how Internet marketing works generally. There are few trusted SEO reseller providers out there with excellent management, tracking and reporting software.

  5. Research is always important and you can’t miss it at all. Never heard about SEO resell before but that’s the advantage when you keep visiting on good blog, you got to learn something new.

  6. Reselling SEO, hmmm… definitely something new to me but i guess it can be a great business. If we know about SEO than we can do great things with this to achieve our goals in online marketing industry.

  7. When you post articles on article directories like Ezine Articles, it not only increases targeted traffic but helps with SEO due to the high page rank of these directories. Pick 10 or 12 out with good page ranks, post articles to them often, and you will see after a few months that your site starts ranking higher.

    1. Guest Blogging is more effective for quality links than Article Directories. We can get lots of value through guest blogging sites but it’s a little difficult than article directories.

  8. Simply because the Search-engine Optimization service is cheaper does not imply that it will not work. Plenty of those providers offered on Fiverr and SEO clerks are wrong yes, but there are numerous which can be in fact of excellence and do work. Take into account that these sellers your obtaining the cheap services from originate from countries where in fact the american dollar is really worth more. Simply because they have been charging $15 for a $50 service does not mean the service is crap.

  9. You don’t need to find out precisely how to do most of the steps that total up to great Search Engine Optimization strategy. You do need to find out enough about general SEO ideas plus the strategies behind your outsourced re-seller’s products to be persuasive and guide your customers toward this product plans that’ll be most reliable due to their unique situations. What sort of content must be used? Just how much must certainly be committed to SEO versus secondary processes such as for example pay per click advertising and social engagement? You ought to choose an SEO re-seller program which provides you regular training and does not make you all on your own when you’re struggling to resolve those questions, however.

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