Powerful Secrets to Get Followers on Pinterest

Social media has grown considerably over the past five years with many people creating accounts and developing pinterest-followersinterests on these networks. Pinterest is the latest entrant into the social networking sites. Pinterest is a key tool for creating awareness for websites and weblogs. The impact this social media platform has had on the internet has been tremendous. Its growth is projected to be exponential beating most of its rivals on the basis of the number of new accounts opened.
As with most social media platforms, their ability to have an impact depends on the following that they have. Pinterest will be limited in its extent of influence if the numbers of followers remain few. To increase followers however, deliberate efforts have to be made by the owner or manager of the Pinterest profile.

Capitalizing on Your Existing Followers

If you have an account on Facebook or Twitter, you can easily get followers on Pinterest by marshaling your followers on these other sites. By making the appropriate change in settings, it will be that any item that you pin will e immediately developed on these other social networking sites. Depending on the attractiveness and how informative the pinned item is, many of your followers on the other sites will choose to naturally follow you. You can also import followers from Google Plus by recommending them Pinterest, learn more on how to import a lot of followers on this article: How to Get Followers on Google Plus?

Simplify the Process of Content Pinning

For you to capture the audience frequenting you site or blog and making them pin your content, you need to strategically put Pinterest buttons on your blog. The pinning of this content will attract more followers to your profile. Due to the novelty of the Pinterest idea, the Pinterest buttons will act as a reminder for web users to subscribe to your profile and engage with the content that you pin.

The Usefulness of the Pinterest Board

In addition to the posts that you create, it can also be helpful if you create a Pinterest board to supplement them. This has the effect of increasing the rate of interactivity of your posts hence the increased followers. Pinterest boards simply backs up your posts. you may also like to join our Blogging Course.

Have a Moderated Pinning

For the posts to have value without becoming overly annoying, it is very critical to regulate their pinning. If you do not pin regularly, the site becomes abandoned and isolated. Too much of pinning can make a site rather disturbing and annoying.

Name Your Boards

For maximum follower-ship, each board deserves to be named appropriately. The name should not only be unique but also befitting and targeted to woo traffic. The nature of subscribers in Pinterest is that they can choose to follow specific pages only.

Following Other Pinterest Users

In social media management, following other users can be very powerful. It can mean the difference between your content spreading over the whole internet or just be confined to a corner. Pinterest not being any different, following other pinners and finding out what they are up to can help spread your content over a larger network of social media users. By following these users and possibly repining their content, you are setting the stage for an exchange of favor where they will also share you content with their followers.

Increasing the Number of Your Boards

As earlier said, there are followers who subscribe to specific board(s). The many the boards used, the many the followers. The structure and composition of these boards however needs to be carefully considered. Even though it is considered advantageous to create boards around your businesses and websites, it is also a good idea to include boards tackling personal hobbies and events. This increases your followers too.

Let Your Content be Newsworthy

Followers would pin and repin content that they consider worthy their sharing. Be abreast with the goings-on in your industry and always be the thought leader. This will make your content exciting and worthy sharing. Once the audience discovers that your content is always logical and coherent, they will be looking at other content from you to pin.

Capitalize on Tutorials

Web users generally love tutorial and the configuration of Pinterest makes it more appropriate to create tutorials which other people can use. The tutorials will vary depending on the area of your interest and the kind of information you want to communicate. To enhance the meaningfulness of the tutorials you create and their authenticity, you can link to other articles and appropriate materials from the web. Ensure to create the tutorials on topics that you know well; this will make you an authority in addition to attracting a huge follower-ship.

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  1. Gaining followers and building marketing base on Pinterest is no less than a headache. I tried a number of tools to manage my three accounts but was very disappointed until I discovered PinPinterest com. The best thing about this tool was that via the multiple account management option, I was able to handle all my accounts in a single PinPinterest account. Moreover, this is very easy to set up and hardly took me five minutes. Apart from this, my other favorite feature is sophisticated artificial intelligence, which screened the content and pinned only the relevant items on my boards.

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