Online Marketing and Facebook

What is online marketing?

When you are planning to discuss about online marketing, you are just preparing yourself for a complicated challenge. Online marketing basically refers to the tool through which one can generate traffic on his/her website. Online marketing is also knows as internet marketing, web marketing, e-marketing or even search marketing. With the passage of time as internet prevailed in homes and offices, internet business and trade has explored new horizons for generating income. People nowadays do trade through internet and for that purpose, they must be aware of internet marketing tools.

Internet marketing or web marketing is basically used by the b2b, b2c and c2c websites. B2B refers to business to business websites. When big businesses trade with each other it’s known as b2b. B2C refers to business to consumer websites whereas c2c refers to consumer to consumer websites. When a consumer posts some adds to sell or buy something on a website where consumer is available to sell, its known as c2c website.

Is Internet marketing a New Thing?

It’s true that the concept of internet marketing is new and many people are still unaware of these terminologies however, it’s growing rapidly nowadays as internet is prevailing rapidly. Moreover, many big organizations have earned a lot through these internet marketing strategies. E-Mail marketing is also included in the scope of internet marketing. It basically refers to marketing through e-mails.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are the terms used for internet or web marketing. Online marketing can also be done through banner ads, e-mail marketing and 2.0 web strategies.

What are the Online Marketing Business Models?

The online marketing business models are as follows.


E-commerce refers to that business model in which business 2 businesses, business 2 consumers and consumer to consumer trade takes place. E-commerce is online marketing business model which has already been discussed above.

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Lead-based websites

This type of online business marketing model operates where an organization earns money from the income or sales of his client’s website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to the thing in which a product is sold to another entity for the sake of profit. They are also known as organic leads.

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Online Marketing and Face Book

Social marketing websites such as facebook twitter, myspace, Digg are playing a very prominent role in internet marketing. Online marketing nowadays is also done by these social networking websites which is a part of 2.0 web strategies.

Facebook is one of the renowned social networks nowadays triumphing all over the world. There are almost 750 Million active users of facebook out of which 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day. Therefore, to use face book as an online marketing tool would be judicious strategy.

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Marketing on facebook can be done by tagging new things to friends and different users which will increase the number of visitors and ultimately the earnings. Moreover, by advertising on social sites similar to facebook like twitter, myspace and google plus can help a lot bringing huge traffic and thus increasing the number of potential customers.

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