Now You'll See Banner Ads in Google's Organic Search Results

Have you recall the expressions of Marissa Mayer, VP – Google Search Products that banner Ads will never show up in google-banner-ads-in-organic-searchGoogle’s Organic Search, if not, then let me illustrate to you that what she said in 2005 for the sake of Google search.
There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or web search results pages. There will not be crazy, flashy, graphical doodads flying and popping up all over the Google site ever.”

Now what; see the image below.


Google has affirmed that they are set to place branded ads in their natural indexed lists. As per Google, at this time it’s simply a test, which we are finishing just in American markets. They’re simply attempting to check click through rate on these ads.

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Banner Ads in Google Search –What exactly is this?
Google made a guarantee in 2005 that they will never begin any banner Ads programme in Organic search results yet may be currently the time is to break that promise Google is trying Banner Ads in their search results with in the vicinity of 30 sponsors in United States. In the event that they uncover this thing successful, then possibly they start it on everywhere throughout the world? At this time we don’t have any full clarification available on this however may be this thing will accessible just for the branded queries as you can see in the image above. Let’s discuss below some Faqs on Google banner ads in organic search.

How these banner ads will appear in SERP’s
The Ads which show up in Google search will only be image banner ads. No text links will accompany banner ads and after the banner you will see organic results relevant to the search query.

Is it possible for users to click on these ads to reach destination?
Yes, off-course. You can click on these ads and the connection will give you a chance to touch base to your end.

How can someone start this program?
Currently this programme is for testing purpose only and Google is checking it with 30 advertisers in United States only. May be this programme will accessible for every last one of us soon.

What kind of Queries we can use for this?
We can use only branded queries for these kinds of ads. It’s a brand image experiment and you can use your brand name as query.

What will be the CPC and CMP for these ads?
Cpc and Cpm cannot be calculated effortlessly. In coming program may be it will depend on searches made by users.

Is this thing officially confirmed by Google?
Yes, this program was authoritatively affirmed by Google on 24, oct-2013. They released a statement saying “we’re going to start a test on image based advertising program in which advertisers can participate for banner advertisements on Google search”. But right now it’s available only in United States with very limited advertisers and less than 5% of search queries.

Hope you enjoy reading this. If you have any queries then you can make a comment below and for the timing “have a good day”.

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