Most Common Mistakes In Google My Business

Google My Business is a website & application where the users can register their business on Google. It gives the facility to the customers that they can see the route and reach their hassle-free. It also gives important information about the business which is very crucial to know by the customers. It gives the entire information of the business such as photos of the business, address, contact information, reviews and many more.

But before finalizing the information you need to be secure about the information you input. When it may get wrong, it creates unlimited hurdles and fails the total concept of Google My Business. Some mistakes are given below which need to be corrected. Otherwise You users will get the wrong information & can be confused about your business.

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No Longer Existence Or Change Of Business Address

When the business gets permanently shut down then you must put the mark on the option ‘Mark as permanent Closed’ which is available in Google business dashboard. Doing this will not worse the user experience and make them upset. When the user finds the business on Google and they reach to your place of business and finds that you have shut down, it would be deemed as bad.

The same happens with the change of address. If you have shifted your business to somewhere else, then you should change all the information related to your business address in Google Maps. It has been seen many times that instead of changing the address of the business most of the owners creates a new business on Google Maps. It can confuse your visitors. They can see two addresses of your business & may go to the wrong or old place.

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Wrong Information

Incorrect information may lead your customers to the wrong place. No one wants to see this circumstance. So, ensure that the information you filled their is correct. If you put the wrong information mistakenly then immediately correct it through Google Business dashboard or send an email to Google so that they can take an action. Spreading wrong information about your business may get negative reviews which will definitely harm the online image of your business.

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Map Pins

To reach the exact place, users use the GPS to track the right place. If the map pin is inaccurate and doesn’t show the right location, then it would make the customer irritate. So, make the double sure about the location you selected during submission of your business to Google Maps. Map pins are very crucial for making the excellent user experience.

Missed Out Information

Sometime owners miss some information to be filled out in the form. The information can be for anything such as opening & closing hours, contact information, website URL and more. If you’re missing some information about your business, then It would make the customer uninterested in your business. They start finding other businesses’ like you & can jump to your competitor’s business website. So, missing information can be very costly for your business. You must check out that you have have filled all the important information required by your customer.

Gallery Of The Business

It has been seen that the gallery portion is not taken seriously by the business owners but in fact (as data shows) galleries are the most important factor in Google Maps. People coming on the Google Maps are not just viewing your addresses. They’re even more interested in knowing how your business looks like & how you’re dealing with your customers. Images can do all the things. If you’re not uploading your business images, then you’re doing the biggest mistake. Photos of the business can lead to maximize the customer interest as you are making the customer aware about the presence of the business. You should add the photos of interior and exterior of the business.

Specially mention, add the photos where the staff is working instead of empty work places.


Reviews are the most important part of any online business. Prospective customers first visit on the reviews of any business. Reports shows that most of the business owners are unaware of the reputation they are gaining among the customers. Reviews are very important part as only after reading reviews customers decide whether they should contact with the business or not. When the people post their reviews on the website then it becomes the obligation on the part of the owner to give reply. It increases the reputation among the prospective customer.

You should ask your happy clients to make some positive reviews for you on your Google business listing.

Hope the above tips will help you getting a right track for you. You can make comments in case of queries & suggestions.

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