List of common HTTP Status Code Errors and what they mean!

Here is a list of common HTTP status codes, it is important to know what these are, otherwise you could find yourself struggling to tidy up your site! At some point or another you will have encountered one or two of these, maybe not on your site, but some could be there! If you have seen these and not been sure what it means, then hopefully this will clear it up!

Error 200: The most standard of all the results. It simply states that there has been a successful request of the page or file.

Error 301: This code simply states that the URL you tried to access has been redirected to another page! Basically all requests for this page should be sent to another URL.

Error 302: This code indicates that a page has been temporarily redirected to another URL. This means that the page is still active, just temporarily moved to another URL.

Error 403: Some of you may have come across this, also known as the “Forbidden Request”. Basically it means that you have made a legal request, but the server is refusing to respond to it.

Error 404: The most common of the Broken Site Errors! Basically this is where the URL no longer exists or cannot be found, so you will be redirected to a broken holding page.

Error 500: Just a generic Server error message, this comes up when there is nothing else to explain a problem.

Error 501: This is where the Server you a requesting information from does not understand the method in which you are requesting the information, or there is not a fulfilled request.

Error 502: Simply an invalid response was received by the server, from the request that you have made. (These 500 issues you cannot really control, it is a server problem).

Hope fully this helped, I will be referring to a couple of these in my next SEO post, which is why I have published this up. I understand that it doesn’t really offer that much, it is just as a lead up to the next part of Beginner SEO – moving towards Intermediate SEO!

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