Link Building And the Moral High Ground

When you decide to tackle a new keyword or niche, you do one of 2 things first, check how many searches there are for that keyword every month or check the competition and their rank in the SERPS. Once you’ve found a keyword or phrase that you think will pay dividends, it’s now time to look at the sites that are occupying the rankings. There are a handful of sites that you just can’t avoid, About ,ehow, Wikipedia Youtube, Amazon and a few others. There isn’t really much we can do about these sites, just learn how to beat them I guess.

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What I’m seeing now more than ever are thin affiliate sites, many with only a handful of pages and these are the sites you should look to beat, once you’ve reviewed a few you will soon learn how to spot them. In most instances they will have an exact match domain of the key phrase or as close to an exact match domain as possible for the keyword you’re about to target. They’re prevalent in every niche where there is the potential to make money, so that pretty much every niche.

Once you begin to dive into the factors that are making these sites rank it’s clear that they are manipulating their link graph, finding a site that is only 4 months old with half a dozen pages but has over 4000 links isn’t hard to do. Quite simply; that level of links for a domain of that age just doesn’t add up and there is only one answer, comment spam and lots up of it.

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To me there are 2 different types of comment based link building, a sentence long comment left after the searcher has read the post title and comments that add something to the post, these type of links are typically found on sites that are running commentluv. The later I have no issues with as they are giving in order to receive. The first type is where I have problems as it’s clear they are simple trying to gain the system and from what I can see it’s working the SERPS don’t lie, these sites are getting the rankings they want and they are putting very little effort in.How hard can it be to jump on Mechanical Turk and how hire someone for peanuts that can just about string a sentence together in English, very easy and very cheap.

The real question I want to ask is do we follow what we know to be the right way to build links, do we ensure we are producing the best content possible so we know that our readers will find what they are looking for on our site. Or do we follow the crowd and start to spam every blog that will allow a comment and where is Google in all this.Why are so many of these sites that are clearly rubbish and don’t offer the searcher any value still ranking, I thought Google was now smart enough to filter out the sites, most stick out like a sore thumb and they are operating in some of the most profitable and well publicised niches on the internet. So do we follow the crowd and build a site that could quite easily get burned by the next Google update or do we stick with building links that involve time and effort, do we build relationships with other sites in our niche?, do we spend hours crafting a guest post so we can get a link back to our site?or do just take the easy option and throw a comment at every blog that will except one?

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