Link building and Blog – Are they interlinked?

As the competition on the internet keeps on increasing; web masters try to adopt various marketing techniques which can increase the traffic and link popularity of the site. This is one of the reasons that Search Engine Optimization techniques are implemented on the site. One of the most effective tools of SEO is link building that is performed to exchange the links between various sites so that the traffic on the site must come on the site from all references.

Blogs are one of the marketing tools which are used for marketing the products and services. They can be used for personal and professional purposes. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why link building and blogs are said to be interlinked:

Increase the traffic by blog commenting

Traffic is one of the most important aspects of marketing the site. If you have a blog which is not at all popular; you need to know the reasons. This is because of the reason that you have not given it functionality to be accessed by others. You can achieve by giving options to comment on your blogs. Now, Blog commenting is also considered as the best way to get links from other sites and that is why it is considered to be a part of link building.

Back links for your sites

Blogs can be used for getting links from other sites and hence, they are one of the most essential parts of link building as the main focus is to get the links from other resources. This is the reason why we can conclude that it is not possible to implement link building without blogs because they are used for marketing the products and services and hence the sites.

Blog optimization

As the benefits of blogs are increasing in the form of marketing tools; blog optimization is required for getting more traffic. Link building for getting inbound links can be performed on these blogs so that the popularity of these blogs increases. At the same time, blogs can also be used as a link building strategy. This can be explained as follows; you can leave a comment on the blogs along with the links to web pages. This increases the popularity of the links as well as the site.

Marketing tools

Both blogs and link building make important parts of marketing techniques as they both have the same purpose. They can not be separated from each other as both can interchangeably used to market the products and the sites. This is one of the reasons why they are widely used by SEO professionals for online marketing.

Above mentioned are the key facts about link building and blogs. We will not be able to achieve our aims to target the niche without link building or blogs. Blog marketing has been becoming more popular these days as one of the link building techniques. By following them in right manner, it is possible to increase traffic, sales and revenue from your business.

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9 thoughts on “Link building and Blog – Are they interlinked?

  1. I’d actually argue that for short term SEO gains there is no more effective technique than blog commenting. You’ve got to combine it with more long term tactics to gain permanence.

    I’d be interested to read more on blogging software options from this author.

    1. I agree with you here. I think blog commenting will only give you short to medium term exposure. You have to use more long term techniques to have more permanent effect. 🙂

  2. I think blog commenting can provide backlinking, even for short term. But, there are also other benefits besides the built in SEO. You interact with other bloggers. you find interesting blog posts to read, and you may gain subscribers, if they come to your blog and find it interesting! But, it is important to not spam or write trite comments like, “great post”. if you can add value, it is a good way to provide backlinks and exposure to your blog!

    1. I agree with you Shivani, commenting certainly has a lot of other advantages then just backlinks, you can build good relations with some great blogger. You are right it is important to add to the topic of the post than just a “thank you great post” type of comment.

  3. I have been commenting on blogs alot lately, I have also got alot of links from it. I’m not sure how it works, but I left about 90 comments and got close to 500 links from it. Now is it better to link to my home page or the page on my website with the keywords I’m using.

  4. For sure marketing for blogs is much easier that for a regular website. First blogs appear in organic results, after that blogs appear in blog search results and it is easy to syndicate content over social networks or other web 2.0 properties.

  5. Wonderful info for a new business owner that is working feverishly to speed up the learning curve on link-building. Some of the responses went over-my-head, but it has provided me with some homework, in terms to look-up and familiarize myself with. Thanks so much. I’m new here and love it so far… 🙂

  6. As i am new to blog commenting it helps the blog to attract traffic and makes it social and provide networks but what i feel is it also depends on blogger to whom they want to provide links or not but its seriously work

  7. Great article. Blog commenting is not dead. According to my Maths, If you generate 500 links at least 50 would be live. It obviously increase traffic.

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