Is Blogging Still Relevant in the Age of Social Networking?

It took the world by storm a few years ago, yet today, there are whispers that it is fading into obscurity. Are they true? Is blogging being pushed into the wings by social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or does it still hold its own in the Internet where most entities are ephemeral and prone to change with advances in technology?

Well, you can argue both sides of this issue till you’re blue in the face; however, the fact remains that this is a matter of opinion. Those who are enamored by Facebook and Twitter swear by it (little realizing that these are ephemeral too and that in a few years’ time, they will be swept under the rug as newer and more innovative ways to interact online and use the web emerge), and those who love to blog continue to do it. The latter know that as long as they’re able to hold the interest of their reader, as long as they can keep churning out content that’s relevant and compelling, as long as they meet the needs of their readers, there is always a market for blogs on the Internet.

There’s also the fact that blogging is not just about readership – for most bloggers, it is the compulsive need to write that drives them to put down the words that jostle for space in their head rather than the adulation they expect from their audience in praise of those words. They are the ones who don’t compromise on their principles or personal ethics and beliefs to pander to their readers – as far as they’re concerned, their blog is their space and you’re welcome to visit and leave your feedback; but if you expect your opinion to take center-stage, then it’s best to get your own blog.

Today, it’s the bloggers who are able to adapt easily to change and go along with the flow who are able to retain their popularity. They know how the land lies, and that’s why savvy bloggers are using Facebook and Twitter to popularize their blogs and enhance their readership instead of just switching over to the shorter form of interacting on the web.

Yes, status messages on Facebook and tweets on Twitter are easier to read when you lead a fast-paced life that seems to keep you on your toes all the time; however, if you’ve ever read a blog post completely simply because you could not stop reading, you’ll know that there are some things that just cannot be encapsulated in a limited number of words. And that’s enough reason to state that blogs will certainly be around, no matter how many social networking sites come and go.

9 thoughts on “Is Blogging Still Relevant in the Age of Social Networking?

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you. Indeed there has been a slow in growth of the bloggers but its not dead and far from it. it is growing but not at a fast pace. But soon tweeps will realise there is only so much one can do with social networking. Blogs are here to stay!

  2. I agreed to all of you guys and i read all comments here and concluded that blogging is best to express our experience.But it become more interesting when it would have social networking like twitter,facebook and also by rss feed.

  3. Great post, 😀 i think blogging will always be relevant simple for the fact that it’s a means of us people’s being able to get down our ideas and thoughts. As you said, there is a lot you can’t get down in a limited number of words.

  4. if your blog does become popular there’s no reason you can’t begin to treat it as its own source of revenue. A blog can help to integrate you into the fabric of the Web, by allowing people to follow you via RSS, twitter and other mediums. This helps to boost your visibility via social means.

  5. Yes, it is somehow a relevant to social networking. Blogging though is a fact that this is not as fast facing as social networking but it gives the complete or substantial information a reader needs. As compared to social networking, it is limited number of words to post, but it is a useful channel to use to locate a certain blog. Thanks for this info you shared.

  6. I think that blogging is more alive than ever, and the evidence of this is the number of people who blog only for the money (or the hope to earn some money). Unfortunately, too many bloggers today don’t really have anything to say. They are fascinated by the blogging ‘stars’ and start blogging about blogging, Internet marketing and personal development in (mostly vain) attempts to replicate the success of John Chow, Steve Pavlina and the likes. So, we have the situation when there are too many blogs and nothing to read. Hope that in a few years most of these people will adopt another fad and we’ll get back to the situation when most bloggers write about something they really know caring more about quality of their posts than PageRank and SERPs.

  7. Blogging holds an unique place in today’s fast paced life where short and crisp form of evry thing has taken centrestage…be it cricket(T20) or twitter (140 characters) … but as you mentioned the content of the blog is the ultimate winner which keeps the reader binded till the last word of blog since its something original and written from heart…
    I may sound too optimistic but blogging is here to stay unlike facebook, orkut ,twitter etc which will fade with time …
    happy blogging !!

  8. Those who flocked to blogging as a social networking medium or just for the fad of it would have moved away to facebooks and twitter but serious folks who want to express more through their words are here to stay in blogging world. Net is a big apple and everyone has a portion to bite 😉

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