When I Was Kid in Internet Marketing -A True Story

Life is good – again

Timing is everything.

I’m in love

Earning an online income is not easy, it may be simple but not easy. But it is immeasurably easier if your internet marketing life is good, if timing works in your favor and if you have a love here and there to take you through the rough times.  I just had such an experience.

Today calm has returned to the domain of Delhi Courses and that makes life good but it’s been a few hair raising and tearing days.   At first annoyance, then disbelief, then as the reality began to seep in utter panic.  Allow me to walk you through the turn of events  of the last two days– perhaps my experience will help you avoid this type of pain.

When you begin to know a little bit, you become a little brave, and a little bravery can be plenty dangerous.  I refer specifically to the back office – the admin area of the blog which is where I was on Monday morning.

As mentioned before, Delhi Courses is going to have a complete new facelift and that is in the works, but… said I to myself, in the meantime, could I not make a small change?  One of the suggestions made by my Monday night Internet Marketing Mastermind members was that maybe I could make the font a little bigger.

As chance would have it that Monday morning I came upon a blog that tackled that very same question and the answer was very simple.  Install the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.  No problem.  I knew exactly how to install a plugin. I did.  For some reason it did not take.  For one thing the “settings” option did not show up. I pressed a button here and a button there, looked at some of the other plugins.   Came back to the new plugin, tried editing an existing post.  Nothing happened.

Went back to the blog that wrote about how to change the font in the first place and wouldn’t you know it, there was no way to contact the author!  Now that in the world of the internet is a cardinal sin.  Before logging out I pressed the view site button – nothing, blank, zero!  Hmm.  Opened another window and put the URL into the browser line.  Nothing, blank, zero …. oh yes, bottom left hand corner “done.”

Worse yet – I could no longer log into my admin!  Same blank and “done” results.

Several  times on this blog I have mentioned that my sites  are powered by WordPress, and  supported by WordPress Direct. (WPD).  I sent in a ticket marked “urgent” and went about doing other things on the internet.  Annoyance began to seep in.  Last week of Quarter 1 and my blog is down!  Google will come crawling and surely write up enough demerits to put me in the dog house I thought,  Alexa will demote me, traffic will meet a blank white space and never return.  This couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

That night at my weekly Internet Marketing Mastermind meeting, I mentioned my dilemma to the group.  When two of the top and most savvy IM types both said “oh oh” at the same time, annoyance turned to queasiness. “Oh oh” is not a good response.  Jason offered to help by going into my c.panel but of course I could not remember  either the username or the password!  We agreed we would connect the next day

I was sure that by next day WordPress Direct would have a solution.  Next day dawned and still nothing.  Panic.  Left a message for Jason.  Resent ticket to WPD.   Acting on Dave Doolin’s suggestion,  closed shop for the day, went out enjoyed the ocean, the flowers, and the company of non internet marketing friends.   Completely cleared my mind.

Came home refreshed and resolved to rebuild the blog – with the new look.  Fortunately I have all the content.  After dinner checked with WPD , still no response.  Opened Ewen Chia’s tutorials on WordPress and began by finding the theme I wanted to install and was at that point in  Fantastico when the next step was to press “install”.

My finger was poised over the install button.  The phone rang.  It was Jason returning my call.   Told him I was ready to start rebuilding the blog and that I was just in the process of installing.

“Hold on” he said.  “What’s the name of your blog again?”

I told him.

“Works for me” he says.

“What do you mean it works for you?”  I wanted to know.

“Well my browser brings up your site”

I was astounded!  Floored!  Flabbergasted!

I checked on my own browser .

YUP!   There it was!

I told him what I was about to do.  He told me that had I gone ahead with the new installation (outside of WPD)I would have created even more problems.  I was literally seconds away from pressing that install button, in other words, seconds away from more problems.

I sat there and thanked my lucky stars, the universe and the creator of all whom I call god.  Seconds away from screwing the whole thing up.  It’s amazing how so much of everything we do is in the timing.

Dave’s suggestion that I take the day off kept me from making further decisions and taking action in the heat of the moment.  The day grounded me.  It gave time for Jason to call me.  Equally importantly it gave the time needed for WordPress Direct to address my problem and fix it.  But that call from Jason was the most critical of all.  Timing plays a greater role in our success than we realize and the whole day ultimately was all about timing.


After taking a few deep breaths I was able to collect myself.  Checked on my ticket …  there is a message from Alex:


Your site went blank because you had two XML plugins (different versions) activated at the same time. The Google Sitemap XML and the karaliev’s plugins (older version) were both activated causing the error.  I upgraded the Karaliev’s plugin and everything should be working fine now.”

It hit me!  When I was going through my plugins I remember that my Google Sitemap XML was not activated.  I recall that in some recent course it was to have been activated – so I did!

It was love at first sigh of relieve!  This was not the first time that WordPress Direct saved my bacon – err … that would be site.  They have helped me many times with this blog and the other sites I have with them.  The issues were never as big as having my site disappear and I was beginning to feel fairly confident about WordPress, thinking that I can now put up a WordPress site without the benefit of the heavy lifting that WordPress Direct provide.

HUH!  Are you kidding?

Not on your patoeey!  Never!

I’m in love with WordPress Direct.  I also like Alex and Brian and Roy  and all the other support that have patiently helped me out time and time again.  They have never failed me … and when you’re in love with that good, it’s a keeper!

It’s all good.  Experience makes you stronger, even wiser but I still buy into Steve Jobs “stay hungry, stay foolish” even if foolish is sometimes all wrapped up in bravery.

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