Important SEO Strategies for 2015

Search engine optimization (SEO) has emerged as one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Your SEO Perfect Companywebsite might be one of the most aesthetically pleasing ones ever – but if it fails to draw in enough traffic, chances of business success would remain minimal. With newer and smarter SEO tricks and strategies coming into vogue on a regular basis, it is advisable to avail of the services of an expert and efficient online marketing agency – to make sure that your website ranks among the first few results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). In 2015, these SEO strategies are likely to assume prime importance:

  • Having a mobile-optimized website

    – It would be rather naive to think that all of your targeted customers would be using traditional PCs to access your website. In fact, the number of people who use mobile internet services is rapidly rising, in all parts of the world. Make sure that you have a mobile version of your website ready, so that all the important information about your business can be easily viewed on mobile handset screens. Seeking information and shopping on the go is the in-thing! Learn How to Design a Website with our Website Designing Course.

  • Sharing images and info-graphics

    – Visual representation is likely to become at least as important as the traditional textual content on your website. Hence, it makes sense to include relevant pictures and videos (with ALT descriptions) on your web pages. You can also share interesting images and infographics through websites like Tumblr and Pinterest.

  • Reutilizing existing content

    – ‘Content-curation’ is a concept that is likely to gather momentum in 2015. Through this method, the existing content on your website can be presented in a new, more interesting manner. That, of course, does not take anything away from the importance of creating fresh, relevant and informative content on a regular basis.

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  • Targeting brands as well as keywords

    – There used to be a time when SEO was mostly about researching about competitive keywords, and striving to get a good search engine rank for them. This, however, cannot remain your sole consideration, as 2015 makes its arrival. Most search engines, including Google, prefer businesses that target their brands through their website (in addition to, of course, proper keywords). Keyword-spamming is a strict no-no.

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  • Guest blogging

    – A relatively new concept, but one that promises to be really rewarding in 2015 and beyond. You can consult with any online marketing agency, to find out how you can approach professional bloggers for submitting your articles, and get high-quality backlinks in return. Steer well clear of the webmasters who seem to be involved in spamming activities though.

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  • Bringing in greater variety in anchor text

    – Just because a static set of keywords had worked well for you in the anchor text content of your website in the past, does not mean it will serve you well in future too. It is strongly recommended that you have a proper degree of diversity in the keywords to be used in the anchor text.

  • Keeping an eye out for visitor behavior on your website

    – The rank of your website on the different search engines is also influenced by the behavior of the online visitors. Keep a tab on the important metrics and figures, like the ‘stickiness’ of the pages, the overall bounce rate, the click through rate, and such pertinent information. If you find any of the figures to be unfavorable, find out the cause and fix it.

Using smart mobile apps and having a high author rank for your website content also feature among the important SEO strategies that should be followed in 2015. Any good online marketing agency would also advise you to have active presence on Google Plus. Make sure that none of your SEO strategies are outdated – you simply cannot afford to lose out on online visibility!

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