How To Write Content That Shines – Content Marketing Tips for 2016

The web now contains several spiders—links and pages comprised of different contents. To be on top of the heap and attract readers, you have to be a shiny spider and make your readers eyes’ sparkle. In this article, we will discuss five tips on how to write an outstanding content that will amaze your blog’s visitors.

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1. React to a smaller group of audience

Mass audience now becomes obsolete, so if you hold a conversation with a faceless stream of audience, you won’t get your points across. Do not succumb to generalization else you will lose your readers one by one. What’s evident is smaller groups are forming with common likes and dislikes, goals and obsessions. To answer these people, you should address their interests by organizing your topics they need and make them influence the way you write. You can’t please everyone but at least, you can please a certain group and grow from there.

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2. Open conversations

As a writer in the web 2.0, you are no longer an author who simply passes and publishes your ideas to audiences. Rather, you are the starter and as well part of the conversation’s participants. As you swap and exchange your ideas with dear readers and discuss your content with them, you are in the same way promoting your blog. By doing this constantly, you get to establish a deeper relationship with the readers. Make it your competitive advantage. A blogger or writer whom they have affiliation with is someone who they turn to instead of one who might write really good article contents literally but show no engagement—acting like a robot. Also by opening up to them more, you’ll get their suggestions on topics they want to explore and you’ll realize that you’re improving because of their guidance.

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3. Provide concise but meaningful explanations

Readers and net surfers usually have short attention spans. As most are already bombarded with much information and are sinking under info overload, they came to your page to demand answers and not to finish a novel. Hence, stay away from writing lengthy introductions and proceed straight to the point. It’s also important to articulate on the topics you’ll be discussing to assure them that they have landed the correct page as your content shares the same goals or interests. Accordingly, don’t forget to include a conclusion or summary portion for those who are not fond of reading the body’s granulated details.

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4. Improve search engine optimization

SEO ensures that your website comes up with a high ranking in the list of organic results in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The key here is to write content that includes the key words people use in searching and one that they will make them want to share to their network. On this note, compose content with optimized and catchy titles. Titles are like the mini-trailers that will help them decide whether or not to read the rest of your article. Avoid the misconception that you’re writing for search engines; remember that you’re writing for people. You can join our SEO Training course to know more about SEO and if you’re already in SEO Industry than the following article will help you..

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5. Use captivating graphics

Text without a matching image might bore your audience. A great content will always consist of one with an imaginative graphic that better illustrates your message. Images will help them to further understand what you’re trying to imply as most people are visual in nature. Be sure though that the picture you’re using is originally taken, designed or created by yourself or that it’s shared and protected under the Creative Commons license. This gives you the permission to use the photo. If you encounter a picture in other’s website and really want to use it for your own, you may want to ask permission from the owner and extend your appreciation of its beauty.

The biggest challenge for writers is to create a cornerstone content every time. Words are like bricks that form a structure that may either make or break the assembly. Through these five suggestions, we hope to have helped you catch the attention of visitors and promote your content without getting flamed. Write on!

Well, That;s it for now and we’ll try to continue updating our blog with more stuff and in the mean time you can check out our Digital Marketing Course.


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