How To Turn Pinterest On AutoPilot And Watch Your Analytics Soar

The Internet is full of automation for promoting your business. You can respond to emails without even pressing a button. You can sign up for auto follow software that grows your twitter account while you sleep. Automation is everywhere and in some cases it is a great thing. In other cases automation is a terrible thing and it can waver on the edge of spam.

The point of automation in marketing is to quickly find and weed out the potential clients, customers and fans that might be interested in your products. You can save loads of time and energy by setting up systems that do the tedious work for you.

But how do you set up an automated system for something like Pinterest? Isn’t Pinterest strictly against automation? Yes. Pinterest has yet to be spoiled by spammers and marketers looking for an easy way out. That is what makes it so great. But that doesn’t mean you cant take advantage of an ethical automation that actually capitalizes and utilizes Pinterest for the very reason it was created: Sharing.

Follow these quick tips below to set up an automated process of promoting and advertising your business online through Pinterest.

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The first step in creating an automated traffic generation and lead building system using Pinterest is to create content. You may be saying that creating content isn’t automated at all, and you would be correct. You may have to get your hands dirty for this part (literally) but investing a short amount of time upfront will have huge pay offs in the end when you are gaining traffic and leads 24 hours a day because of the automated system.

Create something that is likely to be pinned. This could be a piece of art or a poster with an inspirational saying. Have fun with this. Don’t be overly promotional and remember your Pinterest audience. Place this content on your website or blog.

Next you will want to copy the URL of the page holding your content and upload that URL to Pinterest. This will pin your content to a pin board. When people click through your pin they will be directed to your website. You have completed the first phase of the automated system.

Within a few hours you may already see a spike in traffic from this single pin. If your content is really good you may see an increase in backlinks.

Build Automated Pinterest

The second step to building your automated promotion system using Pinterest is to build your own set of pin boards. The more content that you are pinning and sharing the more people will pin and share your stuff. This may take some time, but it is well worth it. There is a direct relationship between the time spent pinning other peoples content and the amount of interaction you receive on your own pin board.

Be sure to get out there and pin other peoples work. If you can find original work to pin you will surely get a follower. It is less effective when you start pinning stuff that has already been pinned a thousand times.

After a few hours of this you should have a good solid audience of people interacting with your boards. You will see an increase in traffic and links as a result.


This is where you will see the automation process at play. You may have spent 10 hours working on your Pinterest campaign, but doing a quick image search on Google you will find that your content has reached far and wide across the internet. You will see an increase in traffic and this will only continue. Some content gets repined months after it was first posted.

Be sure to track everything on your analytics. Watch for an increase in traffic, an increase in backlinks and an increase in bounce rate. Usually, people who click through on Pinterest are already pre-interested in exploring your website when they arrive.

Repeat this cycle a few times and you will find that automation become exponential. If you are looking for a way to automate the promotion of your business, then follow this simple system to promoting your way through Pinterest. You can also join us for a full Social Media Course to know more on how to promote your business through social networks.


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