How to target geographical audiences

There are many ways like article writing; social bookmarking, guest blogging and comment posting with the help of you target-geographical-audience-visitorscan drive a huge amount of traffic at your site. Link building on high PR and relevant sites helps a lot getting good rankings in search engines. Nowadays blogging is a trendy business and most of the bloggers using advertisements as well as affiliate programmes to earn their living. We all know that advertisements revenues from countries like US, UK, Australia are very high according to other countries like India and China. But one thing i would like to confirm you that competition is very high in these countries, so to rank higher in global search engines in quite difficult.

Country Specific Domain Extensions

Well, if you want to drive traffic from a specific country then first thing which comes in my mind is to buy a domain name with country specific extension. Like if you want to target US then it’s good for you buy a domain like ( DOT Com and DOT ORG extension are used to rank higher in global search engines like But there is one disadvantage buying country specific domains. Your site will never participate in other countries search queries.

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Website’s Content

Website’s content here means to set up your Title and Meta tags according to country. Write country name in your website’s Title and you can also use a Country Meta tag to target a specific country like below.

<meta name=”country” content=”India”>

Country Specific Keywords

The other way is to select country specific keywords, like if you have a seo services company and you want to target US customers then you can use keywords like seo services in US and seo companies in US. You can use Google Keywords and Adwords Tool to select appropriate keywords.

Webmaster Tools

One more way to set up audience is to set your site’s Geo location in webmaster tools. Webmaster tools are free to use and very helpful in many terms like setting up Geo locations, you can keep an eye on your site’ visitors, links coming to your site, submitting sitemaps and many more. But to set geo location through webmaster tools your site must have dot com or dot org extensions; if your site already has a country specific extension then webmaster tools will automatically set its Geo location to that particular country.

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Country Specific Backlinks

Backlinks from country based websites helps a lot to get rank in local search engines. Like you want to target US visitors then try to get more backlinks from US based website and websites having Dot US or Dot co Dot US extensions.

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Local Search Engines, Directories and Classifieds

Google, Yahoo and Bing are very big search engines having Global and Local search enabled. It’s always good to submit your site to these giants but it’s also not bad to submit your site or Blog in local search engines, directories and classifieds. Like in India it’s Justdial and in China it’s baidu. These are country specific search engines and ranked one in parent countries. You can get lots of targeted traffic through local search engines. You can find a list of local search engines through a Google search.

Off Page SEO Tips and Tricks

Above are some techniques you will definitely get benefit through them. You can also use your hosting servers to target countries. Like if you want to target US then try to use US based servers. You can also apply Google Places to make it more effective.

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