How to Take Backup of a Static Website is a well know name today and may be you also heard about it. But recently its start giving an error called this site is not accessible. I thought my site was hacked or there is a malware attack, but I was wrong that time. It was a database error which deleted everything from Delhi Courses blog like posts, comments, pages and other important stuff. It was a difficult time for us because we hadn’t taken any backup of our website. What to do now. It was really tuff for us to again live our website. We start losing our ranking in search engines due to not found pages. It was really difficult to recover our website but with the help of some recovery software’s and our web hosting provider we get our website back to the track. Although, it was a difficult time which has passed away but I simply want it must not happen to you, that’s why we decided to publish a post about the importance of taking backup of your website. So let’s get started.

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Importance of Backing up Your Website

We all know about the importance of taking up backup of our website but we don’t because of our laziness or time problem. We must take a weekly or daily backup of our website (according to the updates happens to it). Just think you have lost your website and you don’t have any backup of it, I’m sure you’ll get scared of it. If you have an online business and your site get down than its simply affecting you sales. So taking backup of your website is very-very important.

How to Take Backup of your website

Taking Backup of Static Websites

Taking backup of static websites is really simple. You just need to download your website’s file with the help of some FTP software. There is two way to download your website’s files and folders from a live server.

  1. Log in to your web hosting control panel and there you’ll see an option called files (may be different in different hosting accounts. you can confirm it with your web hosting provider). After clicking on file it’ll show you your domain name or www folder. after clicking on it you’ll be able to access your files. and in the same window you’ll get an option to download your files. Except CGI-BIN folder download every file to your desktop.

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  1. Second way of downloading static websites – second is also not tuff. You just need to have software called File Zila. It’s an open source software and freely available over net. Just download it and open it. It’ll ask you for a FTP host name; User Name and Password (confirm these things with your web host). Fill in the appropriate fields and click on connect. After connecting, at the right hand site menu you’ll see your website’s files and folders. Select all files and folders and then right click on them and you’ll see an option called download. Click on download and you files will start downloading on your computer. After downloading finish you can close the windows.

With the help of the above ways you can download your static websites to your computer. Hope you enjoy reading this article and if you still have some queries or question you can make comments below. And in our coming articles we’ll show you how to take backup of a dynamic website. Thanks for reading this story.

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