How to purchase a domain name

A domain name always plays an important role for any organization or business to showcase their products and services online. Purchasing a domain name is not a difficult task if the domain name you want to purchase is available. It’s just like purchasing other things online. You can buy directly from any domain registrar and if the domain name is not available through direct registration, you can also find that is there any auction available on that domain name from any private party or not. You can also find that name on other extensions according to your country. Extensions are the last characters in a website name after dot. Most people prefer to buy a domain name with dot com extension because this extension is the oldest one and it’s easy for everyone to remember. Dot com was first released in ninety’s and since then many extensions was released till now. Every country has its own specific domain extensions like for USA –DOT US, for UK –DOT UK and for India its DOT IN, DOT Co DOT IN and Dot IND DOT IN.

A domain name with Dot Com extension is always the easiest one for both you and your customers to remember but nowadays it’s difficult to find a good one with DOT COM Extension.

Where and How to search and Buy Domain Names?

You can buy domain names from domain registrars. Domain registrars are those companies which are having license to sell domain names and top three companies in the world are Blue Host, Host Gator and Go daddy.

When you open the website of any of these companies you will find a search bar for domain name. These search bars are available for domain name searching. You can enter your domain name there and click search. It will search and confirm you within seconds either the domain name is available or not. It will also show in which other extension the domain name you are searching is available. That search bar will also help you to find if that name is available for auction from any other party or not. Buying domain names from auction will cost you a little more from its actual cost. Normally you can own a domain in between 5 to 15 US dollars (prices are subject to availability of domain with extensions and offers by the company). Dot Com Domains cost highest in all extensions.

Who is search?

If you not find a domain name you want to purchase then one more tool is available to find who is own that domain you are looking for. It’s very simple just go to a website and type the name you want with extension and click search. After a few seconds it will show you who the owner of that domain is. You can find the phone number of the owner and contact him directly for if he/she is interested in selling that domain or not.

So these are some ways you can search the availability of a domain and can buy it. If we found some other ways to buy a domain we will also share it with you and also try to share offers available from domain registrars on prices and other things.

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