How to Move a live WordPress Site to Local Host Server

Many people in-fact beginners several times ask me this question that how to move a live WordPress site on a local host how to shift wordpressor server to test new themes and Plugins. It’s extremely essential to test your new themes or Plugins before making them live for your audience. It’s truly helpful if you have a copy of your WordPress site on your local server since its permits you to test all of your newly developed things along with your database. Today we’ll perceive how to move or copy of your live WordPress site to a local host or server.

Note: – I might want to update you that its extremely important to take a backup of your website before moving or replicating your live site to an alternate host. You can utilize Plugins or can likewise take a manual backup of your site.

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How to move a wordpress site using Plugin

There are numerous Plugins accessible with the assistance of you can backup or can make a copy of your wordpress site yet we generally propose Duplicator Plugin. This Plugin is truly supportive to do these sorts of assignments and today we’ll perceive how this plugin functions.

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First you need to install and activate Duplicator Plugin on your wordpress site. This plugin will help you to create a copy of your site and you can use that copy of your site to move your site to another host or you can also use it as a backup of your live wordpress site.

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After installation and activation it’ll show you a screen like below. To create a new package you need to click on create new package like in the image below.


After clicking on create package, it’ll start creating a new package. It will take several minutes to complete because it’s all depend on your database. After finished, you’ll see a new package on your screen like in the image below. It’ll show you two files one is installer and another one is zip file.Also Read This How to Install WordPress Blog at Any Web Hosting Account

Download both file because you need both files to run your local site.


Time is to shift your wordpress site on your local host or server

To shift your site on local server, your local server needs a database. You can create a database using phpmyadmin. After your database had been created now the time is to shift your site. Copy and paste your installer file to any folder in your local server’s web directory and run installation using the following URL.

http://localhost/folder-name-where -you-paste -files/install.php

After opening the above URL, duplicator plugin will show you the screen like below.


Fill the required information. Host name would be “localhost” and then fill user information with password. You can also use “root” as your user name if you haven’t created any database user and after all of the above steps you need to enter you database name you just created. After filling all the information the setup will start extracting your wordpress files and after extracting it’ll import them in to local database. After the entire process it’ll redirect you to the following page.

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Now you need to provide two URLs, your live site’s URL and your local host’s URL. It will enable duplicator plugin to update Url’s in your local database and that’s it. Your live site had been copied to your local server.


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