How to Install WordPress Manually at any hosting account

WordPress is one of the best CMS (content management system) systems in the world. Nowadays every blogger is using how to install wordpressWordPress to manage his blog because it has a user friendly Interface. Installation of WordPress is exceptionally simple and we have two ways to install it. We can install WordPress automatically through our hosting control panel and we have also an option to install WordPress manually. Yesterday I was confronting an issue while I was installing automatically through my hosting control panel. That’s why today I’m going to explain how to install WordPress manually on any hosting account. Let’s see how it is?

Install WordPress Manually

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It’s not a typical task to install wordpress manually. We don’t need any expertise in php coding or in mysql. WordPress is work with the help of php and mysql database.

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NOTE: – Automatic or manual installation of WordPress is almost same in every hosting account, you just need to find options like below.

Step I

Before all else you need to create a mysql database. Go to your hosting control panel provided by your hosting service provider. There you’ll see an icon called mysql. Click on that icon and it’ll show you what number of mysql databases you have in your record. By default its 0. Find an option to create a new mysql database. Click on that option and it’ll ask you for new database name and User Name and password for that database. Fill the required information and click next or continue or finish or fulfil whatever it’s requesting from and that’s it, your database for your new wordpress site has been created. Proceed to next step.

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Step II

After creating database now you need to download wordpress installation files. You can find these files or package on word press’s official site or you can go directly from the following link.

Download WordPress Installation Files

Step III

After downloads finish you’ll get an archive containing a folder called “wordpress”. Extract that archive to open that folder. In that particular folder you’ll see approx 19 files and folders. In these files find a file called wp-config-sample. Rename it as wp-config. Don’t use any capital letter while renaming the file. After renaming open that file in note pad. (right click on that file – click on open with and click on notepad). In that file you’ll see options asking for database name, user name and password and host name. Fill the same database name, user name and password you use while creating mysql database. Normally all web host providers use “localhost” in host name. You can also use it as host name to check and if it’ll not work you can ask you web-host provide for host name.

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Note: – all the information must be correct to run your wordpress site

Step IV

After filling all the required information now the time is to upload it. Upload all wordpress files via ftp using any third party ftp software like “file zila”. After uploading these files and folders your site is ready to use. Enjoy using your site.

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