How To Improve SEO of Your Company’s Website

To get targeted traffic to your website it is important that you rank in the top few positions on the search engine results page. That is why a lot of companies lay stress on SEO strategies. SEO allows you to make changes to your website that helps you in getting a better rank on the results page. However, in their attempt to reach the top, many companies also end up making certain errors that hamper their progress. Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes made by companies.

Issues relating to URL

Most of the companies are spot on with their keyword research and the text which they have on the site. They will even have proper tags and meta-description. But where they lose out is on the URL. The URL should be compact and should preferably make sense and have the keywords. For instance, the URL for a site selling shoes does not fulfill these conditions. But the URL is great when you look at it from an SEO perspective.

The other problem that is encountered with URLs is them being very long. These URLs may have the keyword in them but they will not help you in having full control over re-writing of URLs. Another common error done by a lot of companies is having multiple links for a web page, especially for the home page. In such situations, clicking on the home page will take you to a duplicate copy of the page.

Tags and meta-description

It is very important to have correct title tags. Title tags are usually used to display what the page is about on the title bar of your browser. Search engines also take this into account while ranking the page. Also make sure that you use the description tags for pictures as well.

Meta-description is the small text that comes along with your search result on the search engine page. Now meta-description is not taken into consideration by search engines while ranking a page. But remember that meta-descriptions can be very important when it comes to click through rates and targeted traffic. If the user is able to get a brief look at what the page offers, then there is a higher probability of him/her clicking the link.

Lack of user generated content

When it comes to boosting a sites performance, user reviews work wonderfully well. For instance, a particular site increased its online sales by 119% after it started including user generated content. Such reviews also give you some extra unique content that is relevant to your product.

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No static content

You should understand that search engine spiders or crawlers go through text. They cannot read flash animation or videos. So make sure that you do not have pages that rely solely on such elements and have little amount of text. This happens a lot with sites selling products. You will find that as you go deeper into the site the amount of optimized content reduces.

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