How To Get A Reader Base For Your Blog?

Just creating a blog is not enough. You cannot be sure that whether the readers will read the articles included in your blog. It is a very sad thing for you if none of the readers reads your blog. There might be certain questions rising in your mind regarding your blog. It is very necessary to increase the reader base of your blog. It can be done by keeping certain things into consideration. It is not an easy task to create a large reader base.

Blog Readerbase

This stage is achieved through a gradual process. A large reader base cannot be developed overnight. There are several factors responsible for it. Speed matters the most.

Your blog should not take much time to load. If it takes more than 5 seconds to upload then it decreases the interests of the readers.

No one in this world, want to wait much for any work since time is very precious for everyone. This time factor will prevent the readers from even visiting your blog. So in this way, the readers will search for some other blogs to obtain useful information.

People are very crazy to obtain information through internet blogs but do not want to wait much to access the information. This factor if kept in mind will surely increase the reader base of your blog.

Another factor is the way your blog is designed. The blogs which are creatively designed are appealing to people. The readers will get attracted to your blog if you have done its designing in a proper manner. By designing, it means the blog should be easily navigable by the readers. All useful links should be included in the blog so that it is visible to the readers.

The blog which is more informative as compared to other blogs is mostly preferred by the readers. The main point is the readers should not pose any kind of difficulty in reading your blog. You can include the feed button in our blog. It will make your blog more effective. It can be placed in the side bars of the blog. The purpose of including this feature is that the readers will be able to share their views with you through the blog.

You should update your blog regularly. It will create an interest in the readers. One article can be written per day. It would be very nice if you will intimate the readers by telling them when you will update your blog. Just telling them is not enough; you should abide by what you have said. If you will not stick to what you have said then the readers may get disappointed while they will open your blog.

You can start doing friendship with the readers since you will be able to make more readers for your blog. Thus there will be more people who will support your blog. Learning the basics of the SEO is also essential since you will be able to find more readers for your blog by using search engines. You should also post comments on other blogs. Thus in this way you will be bale to increase a reader database of your blog.

You may also go through a Digital Marketing Course to know more.

3 thoughts on “How To Get A Reader Base For Your Blog?

  1. Site load time is definitely a very important factor when it comes to acquiring new readers. One of my blogs had a fair number of SE traffic, but when i was checking Google analytics, i’ve noticed that the bounce rate is very high. I lately found that the reason for this is that my blog takes a very long time to load on slow connections, when i fixed it, everything came back to normal. Thanks for sharing

  2. I have have noticed when looking for information on some graphic intense sites, things have slowed down a lot I can’t wait to leave. This made me rethink some of my own sites that are server intensive and I have done some tweaking and the speed has increased.

  3. I had thought about creating a blog and just blogging for the fun of it. I figure if you can get a few people to start visiting your blog and if your content is interesting, your number of readers could grow exponentially in a short period of time. You could always monetize the site later if it was appropriate.

    As you mentioned also, ranking your blog for a chosen niche or keywords would definitely help bring in readers.

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